GAP Open Studio @ Chinretsukan Gallery


GAP Open Studio @ Chinretsukan Gallery
Exhibition Period: Thursday, 25 October – Thursday 1 November 2018 (Open on all days)
Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Admission Free
Exhibition Venue: Tokyo University of the Arts Chinretsukan Gallery   
12-8 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku Tokyo, 110-8714, JAPAN
Organizers: Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Cooperation: Beaux-Arts de Paris, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

GAP Open Studio @ Chinretsukan Gallery” is an open studio presenting the current activities of the Global Art Practice   Course, Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (hereafter, GAP). The GAP atelier, where students   work and create, has been temporarily relocated from Toride to Ueno   during this period, the lectures, critiques, and   workshops normally held in Toride will be conducted here at Chinrestukan Gallery. GAP was newly established in 2016.   We hope to use this opportunity to bring its course contents and other ventures to a broad audience, both campus- wide and beyond.
The artwork of the first-year master     s students showcases the outcomes of the Global Art Joint Project, which   constitutes the core curriculum of the initial year at GAP. About 20 students are split into two groups, participating in   joint courses between Tokyo University of the Arts and schools with which GAP has collaborated since its   establishment: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de   Paris. This year     s program concluded last month in September. We will be exhibiting the collaborative projects   completed by students during the course, as well as personal work created afterward. Second-year students, on the   other hand, concentrate their efforts on their graduation projects, developing the experiences they encountered during   their initial year in the program. In this exhibition, we will see each student     s process as they head toward their final   work.
Aiming to provide a fresh take on international higher education in the fine arts, Global Art Practice is made up of   approximately 40 students with diverse cultural and social backgrounds, with nearly half coming from abroad. Our   variegated program allows these students to spend every day applying themselves assiduously to their work. We are   looking forward to many of these artists going out into the world and finding international success.
Finally, we would like to use this space to express our gratitude to those both inside and outside the university   community who worked hard to ensure the foundation of GAP and to facilitate its operations. We appreciate your   continued kindness and support.
MFA Global Art Practice
Faculty Members
Thursday, 25 October – Tuesday 30 October  
1pm- 3pm  
Performance "Exploring the space by drawing and using a mirror”
Artist: Sixte Paluku Kakinda
Venue: Chinretsukan Gallery, 1st Floor
Friday, 26 October    
"Round Table Talk” by Global Art Practice (GAP) × Geidai Art Club
A discussion based on the activities of GAP and Geidai Art Club which conducts practical art research and activities.
Venue: Chinretsukan Gallery, 1st Floor
Saturday, 27 October  
Performance "Memories of Leaking Water Situation"
Participating Artists: Cheng Yu, Shuji Inoue, Yu Ohara, Xu Yang, Armaine Yapyuco
Venue: Chinretsukan Gallery, 1st Floor
Saturday, 27 October  
Reception Party
Venue: Courtyard, Masaki Memorial Gallery

Sunday, 28th October
Venue: Chinretsukan Galley, 1st Floor
Introduction to Japanese Art [Art / Contemporary Discourse around Art]
Tutor: Hayashi Takayuki Associate Professor (Department of Aesthetics and Art History)  
Guest Speaker: Fumio Inoue (presided at CAMP)
You can see the open lecture that are normally we held. 

Thursday, 1 November  
Talk event "Where is a border?" by GAP × Global Arts (GA)  
What is a border? GAP students, GA students and their tutors will discuss where we find borders and how we face   them.
Venue: Chinretsukan Gallery, Level 1
Exhibiting Artists students
Second-year Students:
Andres Cacho ,   Monica Enriquez Castillo ,   Mizuki Harago ,   Jeongeun Jo ,   Liao Luowei   ,   Kazuki Mabuchi ,   Manaka   Murakami ,   Yusuke Muroi ,   Motoyo Ochiai ,   Da In Park,   Ke Yamamoto,   Yukari Sakata,   Ana Scripcariu-Ochiai,   Taihei   Soejima,   Rieko Tsuji,   Catalina Vallejos ,   Yui Viravaidhya ,   Cian-Hua Wang ,   Qing Zhang
First-year Students:
Nanaka Adachi, Abraham Benjumea, Cheng Yu, Shuji Inoue, Lee Jeunne, Sixte Paluku Kakinda, Koji Kato, Hikari   Katsumata, Nami Kuroiwa, FREDDY x Mogumoguoisii, Yu Ohara, Ayako Sakuragi, Kohshiro Shikine, Tong Yuen   Wai Vanessa, Xu Yang, Armaine Yapyuco, Yingqian Zhuang

Central Saint Martins Students:
Giulia Cacciuttolo, Keishunda Curtis ,   Mia Cormack ,   Julia Gros ,   Penelope Hartley, Lara Mi ,   Christopher Pearson ,   Fajrur Rahmat, Hsuan Yang

Beaux-Arts de Paris Students:
Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Anaïs Barras, Diane Akiko Chéry, Tilhenn Klapper, Cynthia Lefebvre, Daniel Nicolaevsky,  Yannis Ouaked, Félix Touzalin, Joon Young Yoo, Yuan Yue