Social Practice Lecture Series

In this series, we invite world-class art professionals and leading experts in the field of contemporary art to offer seminar-style courses and forums on important issues surrounding social practice in a global context. We also offer opportunities for students to meet individually with guest professors.
A multifaceted approach to understanding the global context builds a foundation for empathizing with the opinions of others. Through these processes, we help develop the students’ ability to engage in discussions and present their views, while respecting each other’s individuality.
Guest Speakers and Lecturers:
 Academic year 2019:
Ong Keng Sen (Theater Director|Art Producer)
ruangrupa (Art Collective) Reference
Academic year 2018:
Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen (Artists) 
Academic year 2017:
Alfredo Jaar (Artist, Architect, Filmmaker)
Gim Hongsok (Artist)
Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Artist, Curator)
Academic year 2016:
Dr. Marek Bartelik (Art Critic, Art Historian, Poet)
Hou Hanru (curator)
Wang Hui (Chinese thinker)