Agathe Reille

アガサ・レイユ / Agathe Reille

昨年からロンドンに住み始めました。既成概念にとらわれずクリエイティブな発想を得るには変化が大切だと思います。協働するプロジェクトにも興味があり、今年は「Remember Nature」や「Calorie Factory Publication」というファン雑誌の制作など様々なプロジェクトに関わりました。

アーティスト ステイトメント


I’m 23 years old French artist. I always lived and studied in Paris and since my youngest age I was interested in art practices such as sculpture, ceramics, paintings, fashion design, comics and drawing. And it is around drawing that I developed my practice.
Last year I decided to move to London. In fact, I believe changes are really important in order to develop creativity and push boundaries of the mind. Moreover, I am really excited about collective projects; this year I was part of numerous projects such as ‘Remember Nature’ or ‘Calorie Factory Publication’ which is a Fanzine.

Artist Statement

In my current practice, I’m exploring memory. I create pale images, like ancient memories, deformed dreams.
Photography is the first step in my work. I intervene on the photographs of my everyday- life with drawings and symbols, covering piece by piece the picture. I appropriate those images and by stepping in those moments I expose the present to the past, reminiscing old memories over again. I use my recall, images from my own library of memory, places that I knew, colors that I liked, familiar faces, to create new memories.
By using different techniques like blurring, superposition, erasing; I increase the degradation of the memory. I try to disturb the landmarks so I can mislead the spectator so he cannot know if it is actual memories imitating the faculty of the mind to trick us. Drawing becomes a new language of symbols, spontaneous, related to memories. I’m trying to approach a feeling of strangeness, nostalgia in the image. I try to call for the viewer reminiscence with common symbols so he can feel those memories are his.
The mind is working as library of memories that some times slip away from us and I would like to understand his mechanism.

紙にドローイング、蜜蝋、17 x 25cm 、2015年11月
‘Remember Nature’ Drawings on paper immersed into bee’s wax 17 x 25 cm Novembre 2015
トレーシングペーパー、写真、ドローイング、彩色、蜜蝋、9 x 13 cm、2016年
‘Constellation’ Drawings and paintings on photographs printed on tracing paper immersed into bee’s wax. 9×13 cm 2016