Alisa Holm

アリサ・ホルム / Alisa Holm

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 2015年、バーモント大学の日本語学とスタジオ・アートを修了。現在、東京藝術大学 大学院美術研究科グローバルアートプラクティス専攻に在籍。彼女の描く絵画は、彼女自身の経験や心中の考えなどの感情が交錯している。彼女の絵画には、私たちが対面する人生の困難や奮闘など、人生の驚くべき冒険を表したいという思いが込められている。

アーティスト ステイトメント

人生の光と闇、悲しみと痛み、平和と喜びのサイクルはまるで再び現れる月の位相のように受け入れることができる。私は自身の絵画において、これらの感情に従うことを目的としいる。最終的には、様々な人々が他者を理解し受け入れ、非暴力的な世界になる為にはなにが必要かを明らかに したい。

Alisa Holm was born in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1992. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2015 as a double major in Japanese and Studio Art and is currently pursuing an MFA in Global Art Practice at Tokyo University of the Arts. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and inner reflection, her emotionally-charged mixed-media paintings aspire to emphasize the struggles we all face on this difficult and wondrous journey of life. In the fall, look for her work at Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu, Japan where she will be joining the TUA/CSM group exhibition as part of the 2016 Setouchi Triennale.

Artist Statement

Painting is a meditative process.
It allows for access to the inner self, for It allows for access to the inner self, for removal of psychic toxins, and ultimately for creation of something renewed and beautiful. It can acknowledge life’s darkness and light… the cycles of sadness and pain, of peace and joy that reappear like the phases of the moon. In my paintings I aim to surrender to these paintings I aim to surrender to these emotions, and ultimately reveal the reality of our shared needs for understanding, acceptance, and non-violence.
Having grown up on a small farm town in western Massachusetts, my imagery is strongly influenced by a connection to nature. I am interested in the power that our surrounding environment has on our wellbeing. I work with vibrant colors, in mixed media that ranges from acrylic, oils and watercolor, to incorporating collage, and watercolor, to incorporating collage, diary entries, newspaper articles, photography and digital painting.
Since I moved to Japan, more and more I desire to develop my work beyond the frameworks of the autobiographical in order to make sense of other’s experience of the world. Now, I am eager to take into consideration major human rights issues faced by communities within Japan today. I want to be part of a wider dialogue about I want to be part of a wider dialogue about what it means to be alive.

running from reality, 2015
acrylic on canvas
beginnings, 2013
watercolor, pastel, ink on paper