Arika Narikiyo

成清有花 / Arika Narikiyo

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Narikiyo lived in Hawaiʻi for 5 years. She creates illustrations inspired by the vivid natural colors of Hawaiʻi. She received her BA from University of Hawaiʻi with a major in Studio Art, and she is currently enrolled in the Global Art Practice program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Based on her experience of studying abroad and working at a global educational company, she makes illustrations that contain language or symbols of countries with women. She depicts women in respect for her favorite American singer, Beyoncé. Her goal is to make Japanese more outgoing through exhibiting her works.

Artist Statement

I always wondered why Japanese people love Hawaiʻi so much.
I lived in Hawaiʻi for 5 years in total, so my perspective of Hawaiʻi is different from tourists. While I was in Hawaiʻi, I found Hawaiʻi has strong connection with Japan. Also, the natural environment is much more deep and rich than tourists would think, and people in Hawaiʻi have a wonderful way of thinking, which came from Hawaiʻian religion. HawaiʻI is a special place for me because I have a strong relationship with the island. However, I couldn’t understand why people want to go to Hawaiʻi for vacation so much, until I started working in Japan. Now after experiencing a Shakaijin, which means Japanese worker in the society, I somehow understand why Japanese people want to go relax in Hawaiʻi for their vacation.
So, on my series now, I illustrate images of Hawaiʻi using vivid colors on canvas, because I believe Hawaiʻi’s image will help to heal some people’s heart, who works hard in Japan. Most importantly, I learned about understanding and caring for others, which is called having Aloha spirit. I feel it is a very important spirit to have in today’s world. I would like to exhibit my works, invite friends, and meet new people to share my experiences through my Hawaiʻian arts. Aloha!


No Title
Flower petals/花びら
Dimensions Variable/サイズ特定不可


Beautiful Explosion (華麗なる爆発 / Nagaoka fireworks at Honolulu Festival)
Oil on canvas/油画
60.96 X 91.44 cm


美四世 (4 Aspects of Beyonce)
Dimensions Variable/サイズ特定不可