陳璐(チン ロ) / Chen Lu

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アーティスト ステートメント


Born 1990 in Chanhua, Taiwan, she received her BS in Simulation & Design from Shin Chien University in 2013. She is currently studying at Global Art Practice (MFA course) at Tokyo University of the Arts. She is a painter but also makes installations. The starting point of her work is existent problems about vulnerable groups and their distance from our stereotypes. Her works have been exhibited at galleries and public spaces in Taiwan and Japan, such as BIWAKO ART CONTEST(the Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, 2016), TARO OR ALICE-LIQUID(group exhibition, Yukobo Art Space.)

Artist Statement

In recent years, my starting point of creation focus on problems about existence between vulnerable groups and our stereotypes. I use symbols(animals) to make metaphors to express my problems. On the other hand, I observe various kinds of animals’ behavior and mix them with my impression. Then, my thoughts are converted and reflected in my work. What is the difference between humans and animals? In fact, human babies act just like animals as they are yet to take any role in the human society. Or as they are not involved in any cultural activities. After receiving education, we start to know our different gender (or “to believe”), we live in communities such as family, schools or towns, and know our difference between each other. At the same time, stereotypes about the human society slip into our mind. As a way to think about those two things, for example, I would stand on the others’ and animals’ point to consider. In addition, I think that other humans and animals are “mirrors” which reflect my present, past and future. Mirrors are embedded in the painting of the animals, and when a visitor sees the reflection, he/she does not simply look at their reflection― they see themselves as part of the picture, in which they are on the same stage as the depicted animals.


Why are you in a Cage?
Oil paint, Mirror, Metal,
Wool, Plastic
Paining: 162cm X 162cm
Cage: 180cm X 180cm X 180cm
Box monster1Box-monster2
Wool, Mirror, Wiggle eyes,
Control device, Cardboard
35cm X 45cm X 20 cm