Jack Marder

ジャック・マーダー / Jack Marder

website: www.jackmarder.com

ロンドン在住のイギリス人作家。主にデジタルの作品を制作。現在はセントラル・セント・マーチンズ校ファインアート科修士課程に在籍。イギリス国内の様々なギャラリーやスペースで展示経験を持つ。2016年にはジョン・ステザカー、ソニア・ボイス、キャサリン・スタウトに選ばれ「New Art West Midlands 2016」に出展したほか、「the DAR: SPACE//PLACE residency」、「Delta Sorority」、「Dancing Girl Emoji」などに出展。共同の展示・プロジェクトとしてはキャノン・ヒル・コレクティブとのコラボレーションや、MAC バーミンガムでの「Phase 1 of the ARTIST ROOMS Project」 への参加、 Marfaniel & Jardanielという作家名でエミリー・ジェフスとのコラボレーションなどを行っている。

アーティスト ステイトメント


ack Marder (b.1992) is a British artist based in London with a predominantly digital practice, also working with sculpture and installation. Jack received his BA in Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art in 2015 and he is currently completing a MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. He has exhibited in a number of galleries and spaces across the United Kingdom and was selected for New Art West Midlands 2016 by John Stezaker, Sonia Boyce and Katharine Stout. This autumn, Jack will exhibit some collaborative work with Japanese artist Rieko Tsuji at the Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu, Japan as part of the Setouchi Triennale 2016.

Artist Statement

Jack’s practice addresses many cultural habits and contemporary behaviours such as indulgent Internet use, voracious consumption and capitalist driven excess. Jack is interested in the idea of finding escapism in the electronic screen and the internet’s power to make one passive through human-computer interaction. He is also interested screen time, how we devote ourselves to the excessive media consumption, transfixing on the virtual and also how personalities are constructed on media platforms. He currently references mukbang, Grommr related imagery and other internet phenomena like ASMR which all similarly connect through abject pleasure. Gastronomic voyeurism, food eroticism and consumption’s vicious cycle are centered within these internet deviations. Some of Jack’s work plays greatly with the audience’s reaction; some find it hard to experience and are repulsed by what they see although they can’t help but stop and watch.

Jack Marder - Jack Marder_it's rotund bulk builds_1
it’s rotund bulk builds (2016) It’s rotund bulk builds (ビデオスチル) 2016年
ビデオ 11分11秒
Jack Marder - Jack Marder_Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse._2
Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse. (2015)
Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse. (ビデオスチル) 2015年
ビデオ 6分10秒
Jack Marder - Jack Marder_He said eat fat boy through gritted teeth_3
He said eat fat boy through gritted teeth (2016)
He said eat fat boy through gritted teeth (ビデオスチル) 2016 年 4分05秒