Jorge Martín Marchesi

ホルヘ・マルティン・マルケージ / Jorge Martín Marchesi

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1986年スペイン、コルドバ生まれ。幼少よりアートに興味を持つ。2004年、マドリード工科大学に建築を学ぶため入学。在学中はアフマダーバード(インド)、サン・サルバドル(エルサルバドル)、ヌアクショット(モーリタニア)など異なる土地でのプロジェクトに携るなかで、建築とは地域社会を活性化し、各地域独自の環境を築くための手段であると認識するようになる。卒業後、『Arquitectura Viva』誌での勤務および個人での建築業の研鑽を経たのち、現在セントラル・セント・マーチンズ校ファインアート科修士課程に在籍。

アーティスト ステイトメント


Born in 1986 in Córdoba (Spain) , Jorge started to be interested in art at a very early age. In 2004, he entered the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid to study architecture. There he had the opportunity to be involved in projects in different contexts such as Ahmadabad (India) , San Salvador (El Salvador) or Nouakchott (Mauritania) where he started conceiving architecture as a way to empower communities to build their own environments. After graduation, he worked in the magazine Arquitectura Viva and developed and independent architectural practice before enrolling in the MA Fine Art program at Central Saint Martins.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is devoted to reflecting on the processes of space production. My aim is to question the conventional strategies that fixes the way space is produced in order to propose alternative scenarios and ways to build and transform our environment. Most of my projects start by identifying places that escape the power of control of hegemonic institutions. Places in the margins, where imposed identities are weakened and new ones can flourish.
My work consists in creating or finding tools that can act as mediators in the process of production of a collective and relational space based on these niches of spatial creativity.

The way I introduce myself in the context is vital to the work. Although I am part of the process , the fact that I am extracting data, alters my position and role. Questions of acceptance and camouflage are raised as a consequence. This question is shared by collaborators that participate in the project and is a sensitive matter to reflect on in the process of constructing our individual and collective spatial subjectivities. I try my work to act both as a visualization of the spatial conditions that exists in a place and as a dispositif of production of new spatial and political conditions.

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Wastelands 2.0
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Device of Collective self-observation
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Collective Topographies