M・ローラム / M.Lohrum

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アーティスト ステイトメント


Madeleine was born in 1986 in the Canary Islands, Spain. Since childhood, she always was interested in a wide range of Arts, such as music, dance, drawing or theatre. She graduated in BA Fine Art in the University of La Laguna on 2013, where she mainly specialized in drawing, video, photography and installation, with the focus of her concerns on the contemporary society. She participated in many exhibitions and projects in museums and cultural spaces in Tenerife and some group exhibitions in London, where she moved in 2015. She is currently studying MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

Artist Statement

My work is concerned about the feeling of uncertainty that characterises the life of the contemporary subject in our Western neoliberal society, which Zigmunt Bauman describes as ‘liquid’ and Peter Sloterdijk as ‘foam’ because of its unstable nature.
This feeling of uncertainty is depicted in my work through ambiguity, applying different kinds of interferences to images and sounds that confuse the audience and make their clear perception difficult.
These interferences dress up the figures, and are either made through displacement, juxtaposition, shadow theatre, drawing from memory, fragmentation, assembly, sfumato (blurriness), deformation or distortion. They all produce the same ambiguous and inaccurate result, that depicts the wanted estrange and disturbing presentation of reality, and the sensation of never-ending uncertainty we all live under.
I’m currently working on video, drawing and sound, and starting to combine all of them together.

Madeleine Lohrum Strancari - M.Lohrum_Zone3_1
Still from video ‘Zone 3’ (5’ 29’’). 2013.
ビデオスチル 「Zone 3」より
Madeleine Lohrum Strancari - M.Lohrum_Untitled_2
Untitled. Graphite on paper. 464 x 20,5 cm. Work in progress.
Madeleine Lohrum Strancari - M.Lohrum_Demonstration_3
Drawing from memory. Graphite and Ink on paper. 137 x 168 cm. 2015.