Rika Otsuka

大塚利香 / Rika Otsuka

Rika Otsuka (b. 1990) was born in Yeosu, South Korea, and was raised in both Seoul and Yokohama, Japan. After she took her primary and secondary education, she came back to Japan where she received her BFA at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She is currently enrolled in the Global Art Practice MFA program at the same university. She has participated in annual exhibitions at both TUA School Museums. Her primary focus is oil painting, and she creates installations using various media.In her childhood, she experienced firsthand the tensions related to the history between Japan and South Korea. As an outsider, her focus is on the external perspective, directing the audiences’s attention away from historical issues and toward underlying problematic national feelings towards another.
After long intense nightmares, I opened my eyes as sunshine comes through windows. When I start a day with the dreamy eyes, I feel I am full of blank file in my memory. That moment was like when a little moon light becomes invisible while she is still over our head. Also a desperate bid for darkness is definitely essential for visualizing a light in my work.My work originates from the struggles as a Japanese child immigrant in South Korea. Those human obsession on Nationalism, inhuman situations and the reactions from our nations toward Korean Peninsula gave me a strong influence on my motivations for my work. Since then I had dreamed of changing the world by revealing my own trauma locked in my past for the long time.In my work, fast paintings and drawings are full of lines of definite madness. And it brings me a new start line to rethink of my past and the world.One day I found the equilibrium of my darkness and felt it is very obvious, I must discard it and face to a new white canvas.
Weaponeyes, 2016 Oil on canvas 3000 x 1450 x 250 (cm) / Weaponeyes (2016)キャンバスに 油画