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Kanoko TamuraPhoto: Fuyumi Murata

Kanoko Tamura [Project Assistant Professor]

Born in Tokyo, 1985. After Tamura received her B.S. in Civil Engineering at Tufts University in 2008 and B.A. in Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013, she has been working as an “art translator,” conducting translation, interpreting, editing, project management, and PR. In 2015, she founded Art Translators Collective, which specializes in translation and interpreting in the field of art. The independent organization aims to offer translation that collaborates actively with artists in creative processes, and seeks new value of translation. At GAP, she organizes the Global Art Joint Curriculum between TUA and partner schools and teaches Art Communication, which builds communication skills necessary for artists. Her recent activities include; planning, editing, and translating An Overview of Art Projects in Japan: A Society That Co-Creates with Art, written by Sumiko Kumakura and Yuichiro Nagatsu (2015), assisting the publicity of the Japan Pavilion at 56th Venice Biennale (2015), and interpreting and assisting international artists at PARADISE AIR, an artist-in-residence program in Matsudo, Chiba (2014~).


Tsukasa Doi

Michiko Kondo[Project Assistant Professor]

Ryusuke Kido

Ryusuke Kido[Project Research Assistant]

Born 1984 in Tokyo. After graduating from Tama Art University, Department of Sculpture, Kido received his MFA in Sculpture from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts. While still a student, he began showing his work in galleries. In 2010, he was selected for the Tokyo Wonder Wall (TWW) and the piece was exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. In the following year, he participated in an exhibition of TWW winners titled TWS-EMERGING 2011 Form of Sin at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo. From around this time, Kido began participating in various artist-in-residence programs internationally, traveling to Germany, Greece, Finland, Romania, Thailand, and Turkey. In 2012, he submitted his work to the Bloomberg Pavilion Project hosted by Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. The piece, appearing to erode the space designed by architect Akihisa Hirata, was highly praised and received a major award. His solo exhibition Inner Light was held at the same space, and was followed by solo exhibitions at LIXIL gallery in 2014 and at Gallery Coexist-Tokyo in 2015. Kido currently works as a project assistant at Global Art Practice, while continuing his own practice.


Yoshinori Takakura

Yoshinori Takakura[Project Research Assistant]

Born 1981 in Tokyo. In 2011, Takakura received his doctorate in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting Technique and Material. He was selected for Overseas Study Program for Artists provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and worked in Lebanon. After returning to Japan in 2013, he began working as an adjunct instructor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Oil Painting. In 2016, he joined Global Art Practice as a project assistant. Recent exhibitions include Emerging artist vol.001 at Toride GAP gallery, Toride (2016) and Will touch the world at List Sotheby’s International Realty, Tokyo (2015).

Yousoke Nakazato

Yousuke Nakazato[Project Research Assistant]

Born 1987 in Yokohama. After graduating from Tama Art University, Department of Sculpture in 2012, Nakazato received his MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art. His practice explores “unintended, accidental materials” and the world that can be seen through them. Nakazato began exhibiting his work in 2011 at galleries as well as commercial spaces. Recent exhibitions include G- at Gallery Le Bain, Tokyo (2013), Tokyo Midtown Award 2014 and TSUTAYA ROPPONGI x YOSUKE NAKAZATO (2015). Awards received include the Tokyo Midtown Award 2014.

Kione Kochi

Kione Kochi[Research Assistant]

Born in 1993 in Tokyo, Kochi graduated from Bennington College in 2015 with a focus in Visual Arts and Garment Construction. In addition to her concentration in the arts, she studied literature, Second Language and Culture Acquisition, and critical theory. Recent activities include collaboration with Chicago-based artist group, Temporary Services, illustrating posters and publications for the show A Proximity of Consciousness: Art and Social Action (Sullivan Galleries, Chicago), and Japanese translation of the book ELIOOO written by architect and designer, Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices (Zürich, Switzerland). In 2015, she received a Knowledge Exchange grant from Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) to invite Scarponi to Japan. In the same year, she worked as an interpreter (Japanese/English simultaneous and consecutive) for his talks at the seventh Tarokichigura Design Conference and Sapporo City University. Kochi currently works as a translator and writer with Art Translators Collective.


Tsukasa Doi

Tsukasa Doi[Research Assistant]

Kenta Kawagoe

Kenta Kawagoe[Assistant]

Born 1982 in Kanagawa. In 2008, Kawagoe received his MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Inter-media Art. After working at a web-based design company, he was hired as a research assistant at the university for the GTS Sightseeing Art Project. Since 2013, he has worked as an adjunct instructor, and from 2014, as a research assistant at the Department of Inter-media Art. In 2015, he began working as an assistant for the university’s Global Art Joint Curriculum and joined Global Art Practice as a design assistant in 2016. His central medium is photography, and his practice and research focus on its structures, principles, methodological development and plasticity. Recent exhibitions include A AND B at JR Ueno Break Station Gallery (2015) and In Progress at Zendai Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai (2015).

Hayato Fujioka

Hayato Fujioka[Assistant]

Born in 1990 in Ehime, Japan. Hayato Fujioka completed MA Culture, Criticism and Curation from Central Saint Martins in 2016. He widely works in the field of art and culture as a researcher, curator, writer and filmmaker. He is directing a documentary film 72 Sliding Doors, which was screened at Nuovi Orientamenti in Ravenna, Italy in 2015. His curated projects include the archival exhibition of MI-LAB Artist Residency In Search of Mokuhanga Light: Globalizing Japanese Woodblock Printmaking (Cyprus and Hawaii, 2017), site-specific exhibition at the Morgue of Chelsea College of Art Tokyo Analogies | Richard Nicholson (London, 2017), a participatory exhibition Acts of Searching Closely (London, 2016), Rikuzentakata | Naoya Hatakeyama, Natsumi Seo + Haruka Komori (London, 2016) and Passing Through London | Umberto Giovannini (Milan, 2011). He is also researching about the reception of European contemporary art in Japan in the 1980s in relation to the work of Kanransha Gallery.

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Yusuke Nishimura

Yusuke Nishimura[Project Associate Professor]