GAP Open Lecture “Activity of Art Jameel and Contemporary Art and Architecture in the Middle East”

The Global Art Practice MFA program (GAP) cordially invites you to an open lecture by Antonia Carver, the director of Art Jameel (an arts organization based in Riyadh and Dubai) and Wael Al Awar, architect and founder of ibda design. This GAP lecture titled “Activity of Art Jameel and Contemporary Art and Architecture in the Middle East” will be open to all students from all departments. Lecture will be held in English with consecutive translation to Japanese.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 28th 18:00 – 20:00
Guest lecturers: Antonia Carver (director of Art Jameel)
Wael Al Awar (architect, founding partner at ibda design)
Place: Lecture Room 1, Ueno Campus, Central Bldg. 1F
Language: English
(Consecutive interpretation to Japanese will be available.)


ANTONIA CARVER  (Director of Art Jameel)

Director of Art Jameel since August 2016, Antonia Carver oversees the organisation’s work across the arts, heritage and education. Carver was previously Director of Art Dubai (from 2010-2016), where she led the annual fair’s development as it became the leading international fair for the Middle East and South Asia, and the world’s most global art fair. She has written extensively on Middle Eastern art and film for international and regional publications, including as a correspondent for The Art Newspaper and Screen International, and also edited books and journals. In 2004, she joined Bidoun as an editor and later became the director of the Middle Eastern arts organisation’s projects division, co-organising education programmes, artists’ projects, and film and video series. Carver played a role in establishing the Dubai International Film Festival as a member of its programming committee (2004-2014), and has also acted as an Arab and Iranian film specialist for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Before moving to the UAE in 2001, she was based in London and Sydney, working across publishing and the arts at Phaidon, the Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva), and G&B Arts International.

WAEL AL AWAR (Founding Partner / Principal Architect, Ibda Design)

Wael Al Awar founded ibda design in 2009, after moving back to the Middle East from Tokyo. He spent six years in Tokyo, working with CAt alongside Kazuhiro Kojima and Kazuko Akamatsu, collaborating with Arata Isozaki and SANAA on numerous international projects. In 2012, Wael Al Awar was joined by Kenichi Teramoto as a partner of ibda design. Both Principal Architects had worked closely in Tokyo on several international projects. Wael has extensive experience in designing and managing projects on a local and international level, ranging from university campuses to mixed-use developments, arts centers and museums, to private villas and mosques. Having worked in Barcelona (“the west”), prior to moving to Tokyo (“the far east”), he has developed a strong cultural understanding and geographical sensitivity to different project contexts. Wael has a multi-disciplinary approach to design, addressing the social, environmental, economical and technological aspects of each project in order to tailor a highly specific concept to the given context.


Art Jameel supports artists and creative communities. Current initiatives include running heritage institutes and restoration programmes, plus a broad range of arts and educational initiatives for all ages. The organisation’s programmes foster the role of the arts in building open, connected communities; at a time of flux and dramatic societal shifts, this role is understood as more crucial than ever. Art Jameel’s model is collaborative: major institutional partners include the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; locally, the organisation works with individuals and organisations to develop innovative programming that embraces both ancient and new technologies, and encourages entrepreneurship and the development of cultural networks.

Art Jameel is positioned alongside Community Jameel, and complements its sister organisation’s work in promoting positive social change, job creation and poverty alleviation across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.