第66回 東京藝術大学卒業・修了作品展
第1回 大学院美術研究科 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 修了作品展

1月30日(火) 12時 - 17時

2月1日(木) 12時 - 17時

Open Critiques

1.30 (Tue) 12:00 - 17:00
Yuko Shiomi / Director of Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT)

2.1 (Thurs) 12:00 - 17:00
Tomoko Yabumae / Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

東京藝術大学 東京都台東区上野公園 12-8

2018年1月28日(日) - 2月3日(土)
* 最終日は9時30分-午後12時30分(入館は午後12時まで)

Tokyo University of the Arts, 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo

2018.1.28 (Sun) ~ 2.3 (Sat)
9:30 - 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
Last day: 9:30 - 12:30 (Last admission 12:00)


Born in 1992, Akiyama is a Japanese artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. She majored in painting, and received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She mainly creates paintings in oil or acrylic, having thin materials such as paper, screens, clothes and photographs as her subject matter and source of inspiration. At the center of her theme is the number “2,” and she contemplates her paintings through anatomizing Shite actor (of Noh theatre), whose body is described by her as “exoskeletal.” By playing with a variety of subtopics excavated from these pivotal themes, Juri develops her unique investigation about ontology through the act of painting.


1991年東京生まれ。東京藝術大学先端芸術表現科卒業。日韓混血で生まれ得た経験から、人々が生きていくなかで「不条理」を感じる要因のひと つが「アイデンティティ」であると信じ、「自身」「他者」という考えを無くすべく映像作品を制作する。その過程においての撮影の瞬間の人々との対話、編集しているときの過去の切り貼りの合間、それらにリズムを加え、解放させることを試みる。

Born 1991 in Tokyo. Ikeda received his BFA from the Inter-Media Art Department, Tokyo University of the Arts. From his life and experience as a half-Korean Japanese, he believes one of the causes for people to feel “unfairness” in their lives lies in the notion of “identity”; hence, his motivation for filmmaking stems from his will to eliminate the notion of “self” and “others.” What occurs in the course of production - conversations with people on site of filming, and intervals between the collaged pasts during the editing - are what he attempts to liberate, through adding rhythms to them.


Lillian Canright was born in Chicago and currently lives in Tokyo. She primarily works with standard definition digital video.



Born 1993 in Japan. Graduated from University of Tsukuba, Plastic Arts and Mixed Media course. Tago studied at University of Barcelona for one year as an exchange student. She uses various materials, photography, video, and painting.



Born 1991 in Shizuoka. Tsuyuki received her BFA in Calligraphy from China Academy of Art in 2015. She studies and creates works on peopleʼs affective changes related to words and letters. Her recent works include: a performance piece Please Do Not Let Plastics Fly Away, in which she copied words from signage and delivered the messages to a different location, and An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth, which examined the role of object names.



Born 1990 in Tokyo. Narikiyo lived in Hawaiʻi for 5 years. She creates illustrations inspired by the vivid natural colors of Hawaiʻi. She received her BA from University of Hawaiʻi with Studio Art major. Based on her experience of studying abroad and working at a global educational company, she makes illustrations that contain language, national symbols and portraits of women. She depicts women in respect for her favorite American singer, Beyoncé. Her goal is to make Japanese people more outgoing through exhibiting her works.



Born 1992 in Northampton, Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2015 as a double major in Japanese and Studio Art. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and inner reflection, her emotionally-charged mixed-media paintings aspire to emphasize the struggles we all face on this difficult and wondrous journey of life.


1990年台湾、彰化生まれ。2013 年台湾私立実践大学コンピュータシミュレーション・デザイン学科卒業。絵画を中心に、様々なメディアを横断しながらインスタレーション作品を制作。社会的弱者と自身の持つステレオタイプのイメージの間に存在する問題を扱う。グループ展「太郎かアリスの One Box and One Piece」(東京藝術大学/遊工房 Gallery、東京、2015 年)など、台湾や日本のギャラリーやアートスペースで展示経験を持つ。2016 年琵琶湖美術大賞入選。

Born 1990 in Chanhua, Taiwan. Chen received her BS in Simulation & Design from Shin Chien University in 2013. She is a painter but also makes multidisciplinary installations. The starting point of her work is the existence of vulnerable groups and their distance from our stereotypes. Her works have been exhibited at galleries and public spaces in Taiwan and Japan, such as Taro or Alice- Liquid (Group exhibition, Youkobo Art Space.) She was selected for the Biwako Art Award.



Born 1990 in Norway. Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Vibe received her BFA from the Oslo National Academy of Art. Her work takes multiple expressions; predominantly interactive sculpture, installation and written work, through which she reflects on both the physical and abstract experience of the human body. Using various materials such as paper, textiles, plastic, and clay, she attempts to capture, surround and besiege spaces, in order to create life-sized material “rooms” to be entered, bodily and sensually experienced.


Arika Narikiyo

Alisa Holm

Chen Lu

Rosanna Vibe
Juri Akiyama

Mitsuteru Ikeda

Lillian Canright

Misako Tago

Haruna Tsuyuki



About GAP

Global Art Practice (GAP) is an MFA program established in April 2016 as part of the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. GAP aims to foster researchers and artists who can practice contemporary art as members of a global society, accepting many international students and conducting classes in English and Japanese.