Exhibition | 展覧会について

本展覧会は、東京藝術大学とパリ国立高等美術学校の国際色豊かな両校学生16人が、フランスと日本での数ヶ月に渡る交流で得た経験をもとに「The Whole and The Part / 全体と部分」というテーマに向き合い、東京・谷中の人々の暮らしに寄り添いながら制作した作品を発表する展覧会です。

Over the course of six months, a diverse group of 16 students from TUA and ENSBA have worked together in France and Japan. This exhibition showcases student works created alongside the residents of Yanaka, Tokyo, based on the theme The Whole and The Part.


Professor Elsa Cayo of Les Beaux-Arts de Paris often tells students that the concept of “the whole and the part” should be the starting point of their artworks. Just as the human body cannot function with hands and feet alone, the details gain significance when they become parts of a greater whole. Global Art Practice (GAP), an MFA program established in April 2016 in the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts, also aims to foster artists who engage in social practice as members of a larger world.

In June, seven GAP students stayed in France for ten days and met nine students from les Beaux-Arts de Paris. Together they participated in workshops, museum visits and joint courses. After a few months of research, les Beaux-Arts de Paris are now in Japan to reunite with GAP students, and create artworks in Yanaka over the course of a month. Students of both schools will exchange and share ‘parts’ that are specific to their cultures or values, engage with the town of Yanaka and collaboratively create works to be exhibited in a larger ‘whole’: a joint exhibition.


Inside three traditional Japanese farmhouses, each with its unique history residing within, students will make new discoveries and channel past experiences to create The Whole and The Part. Please look forward to the final outcome of this collaborative endeavor by young artists this November.