Hana and Koto|はなとこと

[Off campus Screening/学外スクリーニング]

The film “Hana and Koto” with music by Takumi Uchida, a master’s student of GAP, has been nominated for the SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2024. It is scheduled to screen onsite and online on the following dates.


Established in 2004 in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL was one of the first international competitive film festivals to exclusively feature digital cinema, which has now become the standard format for motion pictures. We remain committed to discovering and nurturing new talent, with the aim of helping these filmmakers seize new business opportunities that have arisen in the changing landscape of the film industry. In 2024, the 21st edition of the festival will be held.

The core programs of the festival are the International Competition and the Japanese Film Competition. The International Competition accepts submissions from all over the world. The Japanese Film Competition, which is divided into two sections, the Japanese Feature Film Competition and the Japanese Short Film Competition, accepts domestic submissions by emerging filmmakers. This year, we have received 1,201 submissions, from 102 countries and regions.

After preliminary judges select the first round of nominees, the official jury members, who are esteemed domestic and international industry professionals, will judge the films, and the awards including the Grand Prize will be given out on the last day of the festival. In addition, the SKIP CITY AWARD is given to a Japanese film which displays promising talent for feature filmmaking.






Date/日付 ≫

  • Onsite
    7.15 (Mon) 16:40 Audio Visual Hall
    7.18 (Thu) 14:00 Convention Hall
  • Online
    7.20 (Sat) 10:00 – 7.24 (Wed) 23:00
  • 現地会場
    7/15(月・祝)16:40 映像ホール
    7/18(木)14:00 多目的ホール
  • 配信
    7/20(土)10:00 ~ 7/24(水)23:00

Venue with address / 会場と住所 ≫

  • 3-12-63, Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama
  • 埼玉県川口市上青木3-12-63

Name of Participating Artists / 参加・出展アーティスト名

  • Director : Hiromi TANOUE
  • Cast : Sato TAJIMA, Shima IZUTSU, Nijitaro HIBI, Satomi KARASAWA, Don KOIKE, Noriko ARAI
  • 監督:田之上裕美
  • 出演:但馬智、井筒しま、日比虹太郎、唐澤里美、小池首領、荒井典子

Present ≫ 内田拓海 Takumi Uchida

Admission fee / 料金

  • Reserved Ticket for Competition: ¥600 (Advanced) ¥800 (Same-day) 
  • Competition Screening Pass (unlimited) with online access: ¥4,500 
  • Competition Screening Pass (unlimited): ¥3,500
  • コンペ作品前売券600円・当日券800円
  • コンペ作品フリーパス(オンライン配信見放題特典付き)4,500円
  • コンペ作品フリーパス 3,500円