Another kind of view|もう一つの眺め

Date: Saturday, 5th June 2021 – Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00p.m. (JST)
Venue:Tokyo,Shinjuku City, Aizumicho, 8-16 Kiyoshi Art Space
会場:東京都新宿区愛住町8−16 清ビル Kiyoshi Art Space

Since modern times, artistic expression has been pursued by pictorial illusions that create a shallow sense of depth on a plane, eliminating the spatial illusion created by perspective.
We will reconsider new possibilities from several contexts regarding the flatness and spatial sense of contemporary painting, and explore the relationship between the two. While eliminating excessive elements, the flatness of the oriental painting space is also taken into consideration, and it shows the individual current position of the creative expression from the original theme and method, overcoming the traditional view of painting. For us, we may be able to see another perspective.
This exhibition focuses on Japanese and Chinese artists and considers the flatness of paintings and the expression of texture on the surface. They are pursuing their own paintings while always seriously questioning the possibilities of expression that the paintings originally have, focusing on the elements that make up the paintings, such as illusion, flatness, and materiality, and everyday life and landscapes. I mainly produce natural subjects such as. We hope that you will pay attention to the fact that it has been taken up as a “painting that transcends a flat surface” even though it is a flat surface.




participating artists:Xinyi Wang(Asoki),Kota Suzuki,Yumina Komura

De’Construction |ディコンストラクション

Date: Tuesday, May 25 – Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Open 11:00, Close 17:00
Performance time 15:00-16:00 on the 27th May

Venue: Toride Museum, Shokudo Gallery 50000 Omonma, Toride, Ibaraki 302-0001
会場:取手美術館、食堂ギャラリー〒302-0001 茨城県 取手市 小文間 5000

Participating artists: Clementine Nuttall , Sayoko Suwabe , Wang Jialan , Cao Xiaotai , Mariana Kameta , Chen Weiting , Huang Yingwen , Ken Shimizu , Fumimaro Ayano , Naeun Hwang , Mao Nakagawa , Rin Takahashi

“At Shokudo Gallery and the Toride Museum, which is about to close due to renovation, the works of students from Nobuyuki Fujiwara Laboratory and volunteer students from second year of GAP will be exhibited. On the last day of the exhibition, the performance will be held by project Loading at the Toride Museum.


REELING: Dance on Screen Festival, 『itsy bitsy(イッツィー・ビッツィー)』映画上映

Date:Thursday, May 13 – Saturday, May 29, 2021. On Demand until Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Participating artists: Kusanagi Sisters (Lisa & JuJu Kusanagi )

“itsy bitsy” a film by Kusanagi Sisters (JuJu & Lisa Kusanagi) is a part of REELING: Dance on Screen. REELING: Dance on Screen is a series of short film screenings produced by Mile Zero Dance, every second year. Each time the breadth, scope, and quality improves greatly along with technical knowhow, as the form expands and more filmmakers become aware of dance as a viable medium.

$15 or pay-what-you-can

Kusanagi Sistersの映画『itsy bitsy(イッツィー・ビッツィー)』が REELING: Dance on Screen にて上映されます。 REELING: Dance on Screen (カナダ・アルバータ州・エドモントン) は、Mile Zero Dance主催の隔年開催されるショートフィルム・フェスティバルです。

15カナダドル 又は お支払可能金額


Aesthetica Art Prize: Future Now Symposium 2021, 『itsy bitsy(イッツィー・ビッツィー)』映画上映

Date: Wednesday, April 28 – Saturday, May 1, 2021. On Demand until Monday, May 31, 2021.
日時:2021年4月28日(水)~2021年5月1日(土) オンデマンド配信期間: ~2021年5月31日(月)

Participating artists: Kusanagi Sisters (Lisa & JuJu Kusanagi )

“itsy bitsy” a film by Kusanagi Sisters (JuJu & Lisa Kusanagi) will be screened as a part of the Aesthetica Art Prize: Future Now Symposium 2021.

The Future Now Symposium is an exploration of 21st century culture through the mechanism of art. This multidisciplinary four-day virtual event brings together key institutions, galleries, publications and artists for live-streamed discussions surrounding the most pressing issues from today’s creative industries. Through imaginative debates, panel discussions, career advice and cultural engagement, Future Now is a platform for idea generation.

DAY pass , WEEK, or MONTH pass:

Kusanagi Sisters の映画『itsy bitsy(イッツィー・ビッツィー)』が、Aesthetica Art Prize: Future Now Symposium 2021 (英国・ヨーク州) にて上映されます。The Future Now Symposiumは、英国アカデミー賞公認の映画祭が主催するイベントです。