mymizu X PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary X Zero Waste Japan

Date: Thursday, 1st July 2021, 08:00p.m. – 9:30p.m. (JST)
Venue:Zoom and Facebook Live
開催方法:Zoom と Facebook Live
Language: Japanese & English (Zoom interpretation available)

Signup: Via Google Form

Unwrap Japan’s plastic crisis with key figures from the sustainability movement and the filmmakers of PLASTIC LOVE!

PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary Film Crowdfunding Campaign Launch!

An opportunity to get together and talk about ways we can step out of the plastic crisis. What are the individual, community, business and systemic actions taking place? What changes can we make today?

Hosts: Mariko McTier, co-founder of mymizu & representative director of Social Innovation Japan Sybilla Patrizia, director of PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary film Akira Sakano, president of Zero Waste Japan

Special Guests: Sadao Harada, Project Hozugawa Eric Kawabata General Manager, Asia Pacific Region, TerraCycle (Loop)

SDGs活動家とドキュメンタリー『PLASTIC LOVE』の制作者が、日本のプラスチック危機を解き明かします。

PLASTIC LOVE!クラウドファンディング・キャンペーン開始!



ホスト: mymizu共同創設者・Social Innovation Japan代表理事 マクティア マリコ PLASTIC LOVE! 監督 シビラ・パトリチア ゼロ・ウェイスト・ジャパン 代表理事 坂野 晶

Special Guests: プロジェクト保津川代表理事 原田 禎夫 Loop Japan エリック・カワバタ 

The Guidance for Prospective Students, GAP for International Students for 2022 Academic Year|2022年度 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 外国人留学生入試学生募集要項掲載

We have released the English version of “The Guidance for Prospective Students, Global Art Practice for International Students (2022 Academic Year)”.

Tokyo University of the Arts Admissions > FINE ARTS (Private students) > Graduate Students (Master/Doctor)

The Guidance for Prospective Students, Global Art Practice Entrance Examinations for International Students (PDF) 


東京藝術大学入試情報サイト > 大学院入試 > 美術研究科 > 募集要項

2022年度 東京藝術大学大学院 美術研究科(修士課程) 学生募集要項(PDF)

Ai mi Tagai 2021|アイ ミ タガイ2021

Date:Saturday, 19 June, 2021 – Sunday 27 June 2021,
1:00p.m.-6:00p.m. Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays
Venue:Bldg1, Youkobo Art Space Zempukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0041
日時:2021年6月19日(土)~ – 2021年6月27日(日)
13:00-18:00 月曜・火曜休廊
会場:遊工房アートスペース 1号館 167-0041 東京都杉並区善福寺3-2-10

This is the exhibition organized by LTYE artists from Japan and the UK.
LTYE (London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Programme) since 2015, is an annual three-month studio exchange program for young artists run by Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (ASP, Associate Studio Programme).

In 2019, the fifth anniversary of the LTYE, we held the “LTYE 5th Anniversary Exhibition – Ai mi Tagai (Tokyo)” and a forum with over 20 artists who were previous participants and professors who are acting advisors for the program.

In 2020, we had planned to hold “Ai mi Tagai (London)” led by Prof. Graham Ellard, but it was postponed due to the effects of the COVID-19.
The planned exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery (on the CSM campus) in London, which was planned for November 2020, has been cancelled. The “Web Project” has begun with the preparation and launch of the Ai mi Tagai Group’s exchange and creative activities on the ONLINE under the initiative of the UK side.
This was launched to continue to develop exchanges between artists, even in situations where the decision to postpone exhibitions and studio exchange programs and movements are restricted.
This web project is a new model of international cooperation that takes an advanced approach to the challenges of isolation and movement restrictions. It is composed mainly of a place for autonomous activities of individual artists called “WORK SPACE” and a place for announcing the results of activities called “SHOW SPACE”.

It is still in progress.

While the web project is being developed, the three months of April, May, and June 2021, in Youkobo which is the activity studio on the Tokyo side of this activity, in order to explore and continue the physical exhibition that can be realized in the current situation, artists in Tokyo and London have devised multiple exhibition plans under the initiative of the Tokyo artists.
This exhibition has been held following the “Lottery exhibition –Ai mi Tagai 2021 Tokyo” held from April 17th (Sat) to 25th (Sun).
Taking advantage of the relationships between artists that have been cultivated through past activities, this series of projects has been continued with cooperation. We believe that this is an indispensable attempt for a sustainable society by deepening mutual understanding, cooperation and coexistence between international countries.
This exhibition had been postponed as a place to practically express what has been gained through the continuation and trials so far, after the turmoil in the Corona disaster.

And we are looking forward to re-planning and implementing “Ai mi Tagai London Edition” in the near future.

URL(English Page):

Participating artists:DariaBlum YoheiChimura Anaïs Comer LydiaDavies GrahamEllard&StephenJohnstone NobuyukiFujiwara RyunosukeGoji ShioriHigashiyama TakashiHoriuchi YuukiHoriuchi AliceJacobs KentaKawagoe Jean-BaptisteLagadec TuliLitvak OJUN EleanorTurnbull Hitomi Usui [Japan・England ]

“本展は日英からなる LTYE アーティストの有志メンバーによって行われる企画展です。
LTYE(London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program)とは、美術大学を卒業した若手アーティストたちに海外での滞在制作と発表、アーティスト同士の国際交流の機会を提供するため、遊工房アートスペース・東京藝術大学・ロンドン芸術大学Central Saint Martins (Associate Studio Programme)とが協働企画し、2015年より継続実施しているスタジオ交換プログラムです。

5周年の節目となった 2019 年は、これまでの 両国アーティストと両大学教員等 20 名を超える参加者によって、LTYE 5周年記念展「アイ ミ タカ?イ 東京編」及びプログラムの活動成果の総括や評価を試みるフォーラムを開催しました。2020 年には、CSM 教授 Graham Ellard 氏の主導により「アイ ミ タカ?イ 2020 ロンドン編」の開催を予定していましたが、コロナ禍の影響により延期となっています。

展覧会やスタジオ交換プログラムの相次ぐ延期決定と移動が制限される状況においても、作家間の交流を継続展開するべく 立ち上げたウェブプロジェクトが本展のきっかけを作りました。英国アーティストの主導により始動したウェブプロジェクトは、 隔離と移動制限の課題に先進的に挑む新たな国際協力のモデルとして、WORKSPACEと呼ばれる個々の作家の自律的な活動の場とSHOWSPACEと呼ばれる活動成果の発表の場を軸に構成されており、現在も進行しています。
ウェブプロジェクトが展開される中、遊工房アートスペースの2021年4・5・6月の3ヶ月間 がLTYEアーティストへ解放されることとなり、 現在の状況で実現し得るフィジカルな展示の探求と継続をするべく、在京アーティストによって複数の展示計画を立案しました。
本展は4月17日(土)から25日(日)にかけて行われた「Lottery exhibition – Ai Mi Tagai 2021」に次いで実施されます。

これまでの活動を通じて培われてきた作家同士の関係性を活かし、協力のもとに継続されたこの一連のプロジェクトは、 国際間の相互の理解や連携、共生を深め、持続可能な社会にとって必要不可欠な試みであると考えています。
コロナ禍における混乱に落ち着きが取り戻された先には、これまでの継続と試みが齎し獲得したものを実践的に表現する場所として、2020年に延期となっている展覧会「アイ ミ タカ?イ ロンドン編」を改めて計画し実施することをを私たちは見据えています。”


出展アーティスト:アナイス・コーマー、アリス・ジェイコブス、臼井仁美、エレノ・ターンブル、O JUN、川越健太、グラハム・エラード&スティーブン・ジョンストン、郷治竜之介、ジョン・バティストゥ・ラガデキ、ダリア・ブルム、地村洋平、トゥーリ・リトヴァック、東山詩織、藤原信幸、堀内崇志、堀内悠希、リディア・デイヴィス [日本・英国]


Wednesday, 30 June 2021 – Sunday, 18 July 2021,
Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 noon – 6:00p.m., Sunday 12:00 noon – 5:00p.m.,
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
水曜ー土曜 12:00-18:00、日曜 12:00-17:00


Group exhibition in collaboration with Nagoya University of Arts and KAYOKOYUKI.



Komagome SOKO:

participating artists: Shinya Aota, Futo Akiyoshi, Manami Ariga, Kei Uruno, Emi Otaguro, Miko Ono, Morihisa Ogasawara, Rimin Kim, Masanori Koike, Rin Takahashi, Yuichiro Tamura, Saori Miyake, Yukari Motoyama, Shogo Yamamoto, Eiji Watanabe
出展アーティスト: 青田真也、秋吉風人、有賀まなみ、宇留野圭、大田黒衣美、大野未来、小笠原盛久、金里珉、小池匡徳、髙橋凜、田村友一郎、三宅砂織、本山ゆかり、山本将吾、渡辺英司

Smart Cities and Creativity: Towards A New Intersection of Urban and Culture Theory – A Challenge after the Pandemic『スマートシティと創造性 :都市論と文化論の新たなる地平を目指して 』

[2021 Online Symposium]
Smart Cities and Creativity: 

Towards A New Intersection of Urban and Culture Theory
– A Challenge after the Pandemic
『スマートシティと創造性 :都市論と文化論の新たなる地平を目指して 』

Symposium website launch (including pre-recorded presentations): 15 June 2021

Live Panel Discussion: 2-3 July 2021
パネルディスカッション(オンライン配信):2021年7月2日(金) – 3日(土)

Vision and Summary 展望と概要 / Program Outline プログラム詳細 / Participants シンポジウム参加者 /Recorded Round Table Discussion ラウンドテーブル記録動画/Recorded Keynote Lectures and Case Study Presentations 基調講演+ケーススタディ発表収録ビデオ / Biography 参加者プロフィール / Contacts 連絡先

Vision and Summary

A smart city, attracting the interest of scholars and citizens across the world, is a concept which has not fully been actualized yet; instead, it opens up interpretations, discussions and embodiments. Titled as Smart Cities and Creativity, this symposium will invite scholars and practitioners from differing fields from Switzerland, Japan and abroad, and explore fundamental questions relating to a smart city through the lens of arts, culture and creativity. How much is smart city the actual direction of contemporary cities? To what extent is smart city transforming and impacting the creative and cultural clusters in urban areas? Can we use ‘creativity’ as another integral component of the city and does ‘creativity’ have the potential to be the invigorating force of urban experiences? This symposium will attempt to identify the roles and potentiality of arts, culture, and creativity while developing ideas to actualize a smart city.

We will also explore the influence of the pandemic upon arts and culture in the context of Tokyo. In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games has been postponed to 2021. The impact of this once-in-a-hundred-years pandemic is affecting people’s lives tremendously. Under these circumstances, what kind of roles does the Cultural Olympiad play? What will the new normal do for arts and culture?

The symposium will bring together ideas on a smart city, global mega events and the pandemic in order to explore the role of arts, culture, and creativity, and to situate them within the discussion of urban studies. The symposium would bring us new perspectives of the arts and culture of the city, the next horizon of Creative City theory. 

All the presentations will be published on the website in order to encourage a deeper understanding of the contents prior to the symposium. Panel discussions will also be archived on the website after the symposium.





Program Outline

Smart Cities and Creativity: Towards A New Intersection of Urban and Culture Theory – A Challenge after the Pandemic

Symposium website launch (including pre-recorded presentations): 15 June 2021 

Panel Discussion Day 1: Friday 2nd July 2021, 10:00-11:50 (Zurich/Paris) | 17:00-18:50 (Tokyo) 

Panel Discussion Day 2: Saturday 3rd July 2021, 10:00-12:00 (Zurich/Paris) | 17:00-19:00 (Tokyo)


[Webinar Registration]
If you’d like to participate, please register in the following link (free).

Tokyo University of the Arts / Online

Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich Centre for Creative Economies

Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts

Professional College of Arts and Tourism

Embassy of Switzerland in Japan

『スマートシティと創造性 :都市論と文化論の新たなる地平を目指して 』



1日目:7月2日(金)17:00-18:50(日本時間)/ 10:00-11:50(中央ヨーロッパ標準時)

2日目:7月3日(土)17:00-19:00(日本時間)/ 10:00-12:00(中央ヨーロッパ標準時)



東京藝術大学 / オンライン





The Panel Discussion Program is available here.


(alphabetical order, アルファベット順)

[Keynote Speakers (Video) / Discussants]

Ryuji Fujimura (Japan), Kazuo Fujino (Japan), Desmond Hui (Hong Kong), Tally Katz-Gerro (Israel), Hidetoshi Ohno (Japan), Andy C Pratt (UK), ruangrupa (Indonesia), Consuelo Sáizar (Mexico)


Akitoshi Edagawa (Japan), Yusaku Imamura (Japan), Frédéric Martel (France/Switzerland), Torao Ohsawa (Japan), Christoph Weckerle (Switzerland)

[Case Study Speakers (video)]

Benoit Gufflet / Dimitry Kremps (France), Andrés Herrera (Argentina / Spain), David Lavaud (France), Nathan Marcel-Millet (France), Fabian Oderbolz (Switzerland), Abbas Saad (Lebanon), Jing Su (China)


藤村龍至 (日本)、藤野一夫 (日本)、デズモンド・フゥイ(香港)、タリー・カッツ・ジェロ(イスラエル)、大野秀敏(日本)、アンディ・C・プラット(イギリス)、ルアンルパ(インドネシア)、コンスエロ・サイサル(メキシコ)


枝川明敬 (日本)、今村有策 (日本)、フレデリック・マルテル (フランス・スイス)、大澤寅雄 (日本)、 クリストフ・ヴェッケーレ (スイス)


ブヌワ・ギュフレ/ ディミトリ・クレンプ(フランス)、アンドレアス・ヘレラ (アルゼンチン・スペイン)、ダヴィッド・ラヴォ(フランス)、ネイサン・マルセル=ミレー(フランス)、ファビアン・オーデルボルツ(スイス)、 アッバス・サード(レバノン)、ジン・スー (中国)

Recorded Round Table Discussion

Day 1 (2nd July 2021) 
Kazuo Fujino (Japan), Hidetoshi Ohno (Japan), Andy C Pratt (UK), ruangrupa (Indonesia)
Moderator: Yusaku Imamura
Interpreters: Kanoko Tamura, Kyle Yamada (Art Translators Collective)

登壇者:藤野一夫 (日本)、大野秀敏(日本)、アンディ・C・プラット(イギリス)、ルアンルパ(インドネシア)

Day 2 (3rd July 2021) 
Ryuji Fujimura (Japan), Desmond Hui (Hong Kong), Tally Katz-Gerro (Israel), Consuelo Sáizar (Mexico), Frédéric Martel (France/Switzerland), Christoph Weckerle (Switzerland)
Moderator: Torao Ohsawa (Japan)
Interpreters: Kanoko Tamura, Kyle Yamada (Art Translators Collective)

登壇者:藤村龍至 (日本)、デズモンド・フゥイ(香港)、タリー・カッツ・ジェロ(イスラエル)、コンスエロ・サイサル(メキシコ)、フレデリック・マルテル (フランス・スイス)、クリストフ・ヴェッケーレ (スイス)
モデレーター:大澤寅雄 (日本)

Recorded Keynote Lectures and Case Study Presentations

【Keynote Lecture 基調講演】

Ryuji Fujimura, ‘Smart Cities and Architects: What do architects have to resist in technologically designed cities?’


Kazuo Fujino, ‘Vision Beyond the Dilemma of “Creative Cities” and “Right to the City”: The Capability Approach as a Guide’

藤野一夫 「『創造都市』と『都市への権利』のディレンマを超える構想力―ケイパビリティ・アプローチから考える」

Tally Katz-Gerro, ‘The Smart Cultural City and Digital Creativity: Digital Engagement of Cultural Consumers During the Pandemic’

タリー・カッツ・ジェロ「スマート・カルチャー・シティとデジタル・クリエイティビティ:パンデミック時代における文化消費者とデジタルの関わり方 」

Hidetoshi Ohno, ‘In the Gardener’s Way’


Andy C Pratt, ‘Creative Cities: From Smart Cities to Smart Citizens’


Desmond Hui, ‘Hong Kong Smart City Blueprints’


Reza Afisina / Iswanto Hartono (ruangrupa), ‘Urban acupuncture and composting the city’

レザ・アフィシナ / イスワント・ハルトノ(ルアンルパ)「都市への鍼灸師的アプローチ、あるいは都市を堆肥にする」

Consuelo Sáizar, ‘Culture, the Empty Signifier’


【Feedback Presentation シンポジウム・コメント参加】

Akitoshi Edagawa, ‘Cultural Policy and Creative Cities or Super Cities’


【Case Study Presentation ケーススタディ発表】

Benoit Gufflet/Dimitry Kremps, ‘“Smart City”: One Concept, A Thousand Cities’

ブヌワ・ギュフレ/ ディミトリ・クレンプ「スマートシティ」:一つのコンセプト、千の都市

Andrés Herrera, ‘Notes on Ibero-American Smart Cities: Cases from Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Santiago’


David Lavaud, ‘Making the City Smart: Developing the Functions and Characteristics of the City by Implementing Digital Technologies’


Nathan Marcel-Millet, ‘Estonia as a Smart Nation: From Digital Country to Connected Cities’


Fabian Oderbolz, ‘Beyond the Deadlock: On Art, Artists, and Artistic Practice in the Smart City’


Abbas Saad, ‘Smart Cities in Lebanon’


Jing Su, ‘Report on Characteristics of Smart Cities and Cultural Industry in China’



Keynote Speakers (Video) / Discussants
(alphabetical order, アルファベット順)

Ryuji Fujimura (Japan)
Associate Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts / RFA Principal
Tokyo based Architect born in 1976, graduated the graduate school of architecture, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He has been the principal of Ryuji Fujimura Architects (RFA) since 2005. He has been a full-time lecturer at Toyo University since 2010, an associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2016, and the deputy director/director of Urban Design Center Omiya (UDCO) since 2017. Since 2017, he has been the Director of Urban Design Center Omiya (UDCO) and the General Director of Community Marche in Hatoyama-town. In addition to designing houses, apartment complexes, and public facilities, he has been involved in a number of public projects as a design coordinator, such as city management with the participation of residents in response to the aging of public facilities and financial problems, the revitalization of new towns, and the redevelopment of city centres.


Kazuo Fujino (Japan)
Fujino Kazuo is Vice President of Public University Corporation of the Professional College of Arts and Tourism in the Pref. Hyogo, and Emeritus Professor of Performing Arts, Cultural Policy, and Arts Management at the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University. His area of specialization is the relationship between art and society, mainly in the performing arts of Germany and Japan. He has published numerous books and articles on Richard Wagner. He is a vice-president of the Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research and has been involved in many cultural policy initiatives on a local level. Among his recent publications are Publicity of Public Cultural Institution—Administration, Cooperation, and Philosophy (2011), Föderalistische Prägung der deutschen Kulturpolitik (2017), and Cultural Policy of Municipalities (2020).

芸術文化観光専門職大学副学長。神戸大学名誉教授。日本文化政策学会副会長、(公財)びわ湖芸術文化財団理事、(公財)神戸市民文化振興財団理事ほか、文化審議会等の委員を多数兼任。専門はドイツ哲学・思想史、音楽文化論、文化政策学、アートマネジメント。編著に『公共文化施設の公共性――運営・連携・哲学』、『基礎自治体の文化政策――まちにアートが必要なわけ』(以上、水曜社)、『地域主権の国 ドイツの文化政策――人格の自由な発展と地方創生のために』(美学出版)、『ワーグナー事典』(東京書籍)、ワーグナー『友人たちへの伝言』(共訳、法政大学出版会)など。

Desmond Hui (Hong Kong)
Desmond Hui is Professor and Founding Head of the Department of Art and Design at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. He is Museum Expert Advisor and appointed member of the Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation, Country and Marine Parks Board for the Hong Kong Government as well as Editorial Advisory Board of Arts and the Market. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies in Switzerland. His research interests and areas cover history and theory of art and architecture, cultural and creative industries, urban development and heritage conservation. He is now working on a Handbook of Digital and Online Arts Marketing with Dr Christine Choy (commissioned by Walter de Gruyter of Berlin, Germany) to be published in 2023.

香港恒生大学芸術・デザイン学科長、同学科創設者。ミュージアム・エキスパート・アドバイザーであり、香港政府の建築遺産保存諮問委員(Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation)、郊野・海岸公園委員(Country and Marine Parks Board)、『Arts and the Market』編集諮問委員を務める。スイスのチューリヒ創造経済研究センター(ZCCE) 諮問委員。研究テーマは、芸術・建築史と理論、文化・クリエイティブ産業、都市開発、文化遺産保存など。現在、クリスティーン・チョイ博士と共同で、2023年の出版予定の『Handbook of Digital and Online Arts Marketing』(ベルリンのWalter de Gruyter社依頼)を執筆中。

Tally Katz-Gerro (Israel)
Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro is a Sociologist at the University of Haifa, Israel. Her research focuses on comparative culture consumption, formations of class and gender in the context of cultural consumption, material consumption, cultural policy, environmental concern and behavior, and household sustainable consumption. She is currently country PI for the UK on a Horizon 2020 project More information on publications and research can be found on her website: .

イスラエルのハイファ大学教授、社会学者。研究テーマとして、比較文化消費、文化的消費における階級とジェンダーの形成、物的消費、文化政策、環境への関心と環境に配慮した行動、家庭における持続可能な消費などに取り組む。現在、Horizon 2020プロジェクト(の英国主任研究者。出版物や研究詳細については以下のサイトを参照のこと。

Hidetoshi Ohno (Japan) 
Hidetoshi Ohno, PhD, Emeritus Professor at the University of Tokyo, is an architect and urban planner, he has designed many architectural works, many of which have been awarded major prizes including The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan 2011. He was professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Tokyo from 1988 to 2015. Ohno is also a creative thinker of the city. One of Ohno’s research focuses is city planning and envisioning the future city. Among his publications, Fibercity Tokyo 2050 (2006) was welcomed with widespread international debate.


Andy C Pratt (UK) 
Professor of Cultural Economy, City, University of London
Andy specializes the analysis of the cultural industries globally. This research has three strands. The first focuses on the social and economic dynamics of clustering and knowledge exchange. The second strand concerns the definition and measurement of employment in the cultural, or creative, industries. The third concerns cultural governance and policy making at the national, regional and urban scales. His current research concerns trans-local cultural production chains, and is funded by EU Horizon 2020 see

ロンドン大学シティ校文化経済学部教授。国際的な文化産業の分析が専門で、三つの観点から研究を行っている。一つ目はクラスター分析と知識交換における、社会的・経済的力学調査。二つ目は、文化・クリエイティブ産業における雇用の定義と測定調査。三つ目は、国・地域・都市の規模での文化運営と政策立案の研究。現在は、地域を越えた文化的生産の連携について、EU Horizon 2020(助成の研究を行なっている。

ruangrupa (Indonesia)
ruangrupa (always written in lowercase and without spaces) is a contemporary art organization and artist collective, funded in 2000 by a group of artists in Jakarta. As a non-profit organization, ruangrupa is active in promoting the advancement of art ideas in the urban context and the broad scope of culture through exhibitions, festivals, art laboratories, workshops, research, and publishing books, magazines and online journals. In its development, ruangrupa evolved into a collective of contemporary art and ecosystem studies with two other organizations that presented public learning spaces that carried the values of equality, sharing, solidarity, friendship and togetherness. (*tentative bio)


Reza Afisina / Iswanto Hartono (ruangrupa)
Both as an individual artists and collectively together with ruangrupa, they have been involved in various national and international exhibitions and workshops: with ruangrupa as an artists’ collective platform, they also have participated in Gwangju Biennale 2002 and 2018 South Korea, Istanbul Biennale 2005, Singapore Biennale 2011, Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane – Australia 2012, Sao Paulo Biennale 2014, Cosmopolis #1 Centre Pompidou in Paris – France 2017, and including co-curating TRANSaction:Sonsbeek International 2016 in Arnhem, the Netherlands as well as the artistic director from collective ruangrupa for Documenta 2022 in Kassel – Germany. (*tentative bio) 

レザ・アフィシナ / イスワント・ハルトノ(ルアンルパ)

Consuelo Sáizar (Mexico)
Consuelo Sáizar de la Fuente is a cultural expert, scholar and publisher from Mexico. From 2009 to 2012, she was Minister of Culture in Mexico (President of the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Culture). She is currently a researcher at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (England). As a government official, she led a revolutionary approach to Mexico’s cultural and publishing industries, promoting Mexico’s soft power while transforming its public publishing industries. She is a contributor to several books and the author of many articles on cultural policy and art funding.

コンスエロ・サイサル・デ・ラ・フエンテ (メキシコ)
メキシコの文化専門家、学者、出版者。2009年から2012年まで、メキシコの文化大臣(メキシコ連邦文化省Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes長官)を務め、現在はオックスフォード大学とケンブリッジ大学の研究員。政府職員として、メキシコの文化・出版業界で革新的な取り組みを行い、メキシコのソフト・パワーを促進するとともに、公共の出版産業の変革を行った。複数の本に寄稿し、文化政策や芸術基金に関する記事も多数執筆。


Akitoshi Edagawa (Japan) 
Dr. Akitoshi Edagawa is Professor of Cultural Economics and Cultural Policy at Tokyo University of the Arts. His current research focuses on status and evaluation of cultural activities from a nationwide perspective, and in particular the evaluation of theaters and music halls by methods using production functions. He was Chairman of Theater (or Bunkakaikan) support project examination committee, Japan Arts Council (JAC) from 2003-2019 and reviewer of Committee on Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) from (2010-2019).  Other interests include the histories of collecting, museums, and modernization in towns, principally in modern Japan.
More information on publications and research can be found on his website:


Yusaku Imamura (Japan)
Professor, Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. His research interest is social practice and alternative practice, and the creative platform of arts and culture. Founding Director of Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) 2001 -2017, the art center as the creative platform, the international hub of contemporary arts and culture in Tokyo. 2001-2013, the Counselor on Special Issue to the Governor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, advising and supervising cultural policy of Tokyo. Board, World Design Weeks, International Advisory committee member of PMQ (Hong Kong), Formerly, Program advisory board of Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm), Cultural Advisor for United Nations University (Tokyo). Registered architect and have worked at Arata Isozaki and Associates (Tokyo), Bernard Tschumi Architects (NYC), Arakawa+Gins (NYC) and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University (1991-1993).

東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科グローバル・アート・プラクティス学科教授。研究分野は、社会実践論、オルタナティブ・プラクティス、創造的芸術文化基盤。国内外の若手クリエーターの人材育成、国際文化交流、領域横断で実験的なプロジェクトを推進するアートセンターであったトーキョーワンダーサイトの創設に携わり、2001年の創設から2017年まで館長を務める。2001年から2013年まで東京都の文化行政について知事に助言・進言を行なう東京都参与も兼務し、アーツカウンシル東京の創設をはじめ、東京の新たな芸術文化基盤作りに取り組む。PMQ(香港)インターナショナル・アドバイザー、ワールド・デザイン・ウイーク委員。これまでに世界文化の家(ベルリン)プログラム・アドバイザリー・ボード、テンスタ・コンストハル・アドバイザー(ストックホルム)、国連大学アドバイザーなどを歴任。建築を学び、磯崎新アトリエ、Bernard Tschumi Architects (ニューヨーク)、Arakawa+Gins(ニューヨーク)勤務を経て、1991-1993コロンビア大学建築学部客員研究員。

Frédéric Martel (France)
Frédéric Martel is professor (creative economies) at the university ZHdK in Zurich where he is the director of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE). His main field works are: cultural policy, soft power, cultural industries, smart cities, smart curation, the creative class, medias and the Internet. He is the author of a dozen books, including On Culture in America (Gallimard, 2006), the best-seller Mainstream : On the Global War on Culture and Medias (Flammarion, 2010, translated in twenty countries) and Smart, on the internets (Publisher: Stock, 2014). As a journalist, Frédéric Martel is the host and producer of the weekly radio program « Soft Power » on French National Public Radio (France Culture/Radio France).

チューリヒ芸術大学(ZHdK)創造経済学教授、チューリヒ創造経済研究センター (ZCCE) 所長。主な研究分野は、文化政策、ソフト・パワー、文化産業、スマートシティ、スマートキュレーション、クリエイティブクラス、メディア、インターネット。十数冊に及ぶ著書を出版しており、『On Culture in America』(Gallimard、2006年)、ベストセラーとなった『Mainstream : On the Global War on Culture and Medias』(Flammarion、2010年、20カ国で翻訳)、『Smart, on the internets』(Publisher: Stock、2014年)などがある。ジャーナリストとしても活躍しており、フランス国立公共ラジオ(France Culture/Radio France)の週刊ラジオ番組「Soft Power」でプロデューサー兼キャスターを務める。

Torao Ohsawa (Japan)
Torao Ohsawa is a senior researcher / Center for Arts and Culture at the NLI Research Institute, the president of Arts NPO Link and a director of the Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research. He previously served as the director and secretary-general of the NPO ST Spot Yokohama, as a part-time lecturer at Tamagawa University and Atomi University (cultural policy theory, art management, etc.), and then as a management committee member of ‘Revival of Civil Society’, the Open Lecture on Cultural Resources Studies at The University of Tokyo. Since 2010, he has been operating Asia Interactive Research, which undertakes research on folk performing arts in Japan and other parts of Asia with his partner, dancer and choreographer Tezuka Natsuko. Since 2013, he has been based in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, conducting ‘cultural ecology observation’ to observe local culture as an ecosystem. He is co-author of The Road to Art Management ‘Social Sharing’ in the Future, Reconstruction from Culture: Citizens and Earthquake Disaster and Iwaki Alios, Cultural Policy Studies vol.3 Expansion, and Social Art Lab: Opening up Local Communities and Society.

株式会社ニッセイ基礎研究所 芸術文化プロジェクト室主任研究員、NPO法人アートNPOリンク理事長、日本文化政策学会理事。NPO法人STスポット横浜の理事および事務局長、玉川大学および跡見学園女子大学の非常勤講師(文化政策論、アートマネジメント等)、東京大学文化資源学公開講座「市民社会再生」運営委員を経て現職。2010年からパートナーであるダンサー・振付家の手塚夏子とともに、日本やアジア各地の民俗芸能をリサーチする「Asia Interactive Research」を展開。2013年、神奈川県相模原市から福岡県糸島市に移住し、地域文化を生態系として観察する「文化生態観察」を実践中。共著=『これからのアートマネジメント“ソーシャル・シェア”への道』、『文化からの復興 市民と震災といわきアリオスと』『文化政策の現在3 文化政策の展望』『ソーシャルアートラボ 地域と社会をひらく』。

Christoph Weckerle (Switzerland) 
Christoph Weckerle is Director of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE) at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). His cultural policy research focuses on the intersection of art / design and economy / policy / society. He is the lead writer of most creative economies reports in Switzerland. He is a member of the representative board of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) and the Swiss expert for the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe. He was awarded the Swiss Design Prize for his research on the creative economies.

チューリヒ芸術大学チューリヒ創造経済研究センター (ZCCE) 所長、文化政策の研究者。アート、デザインや経済、政策と社会の接点に焦点を当てた研究を行っている。スイスにおけるクリエイティブ・エコノミーに関する報告書の主要な執筆者でもあり、ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts)の代表委員、Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europeのスイス代表でもある。クリエイティブ・エコノミーに関する研究ではSwiss Design Prizeを受賞している。

Case Study Speakers (Video)

Benoit Gufflet / Dimitry Kremps (France)
Dimitri KREMP has a high level of domain expertise, having previously worked in Consulting for the Public Sector at Wavestone. He is passionate about the digital world and is now exploring Venture Capital to promote problem-solving solutions, and continue the mission he embarked through Across The Blocks. 
Benoît GUFFLET is driven by his entrepreneurial mindset, his various experiences in public administrations, and his strong interest in urban revitalization. Having identified key issues throughout cities around the world, he wants to develop collaborative and research frameworks to develop creative and citizen-oriented solutions. 
Across The Blocks is a Learning Expedition created by two French graduate students from the dual Master’s degree in “Corporate and Public Management” from Sciences Po and HEC Paris. Their Master’s thesis research initiative led them to conduct field studies on different “Smart Cities” around the world. During the year 2020, Dimitri KREMP and Benoît GUFFLET explored seven cities labeled as “smart”, on three different continents. In each city, they analyzed the municipality’s digital strategy, evaluated specific data platforms, and compared the degree of citizen integration in the city’s digital transformation. In total, they have met more than 100 experts from private companies, public sector and academia, and analyzed more than 50 city-driven digital initiatives.

ディミトリ・クレンプ (フランス)
本分野での高い専門性を有し、Wavestone社にて公共機関のコンサルティングを担当した経験をもつ。デジタル世界に情熱を持ち、現在は、投資ファンドの調査を行いつつ、Across The Blocksで始動したミッションの継続と、問題解決の方法論の促進を目指す。

ブヌワ・ギュフレ (フランス)

Across The Blocks

Andrés Herrera (Argentina / Spain)
Andrés has lived, studied and worked in Buenos Aires, Santiago (Chile) and Barcelona. He has a degree in journalism and communications, postgraduate studies in cultural management and a MA in digital content management (University of Barcelona). He has worked in journalism and cultural communications in institutions from Argentina and Chile, and currently in Barcelona’s digital ecosystem. 


David Lavaud (France)
David Lavaud [France] has been working for years on the impact of digital and social media on society. He wrote his thesis on Facebook. He is teaching communication at Paris Nanterre University and is working for Radio France as an advisor to the CEO of the first radio group in France.

ダヴィッド・ラヴォ (フランス)
デジタルメディアやソーシャルメディアが社会に与える影響について研究している。学位論文は、Facebookについて執筆。パリ・ナンテール大学でコミュニケーション論を教えており、またRadio Franceでは、フランス初のラジオグループCEOのアドバイザーを務めている。

Nathan Marcel-Millet (France)
Nathan Marcel-Millet is the digital attaché at the French Embassy in Estonia. He develops bilateral and regional cooperation projects on various topics, from cybersecurity to ed-tech, AI, e-governance and of course, smart cities. Nathan Marcel-Millet began his career in the world of digital, media and culture: after graduating with a master’s degree in public affairs from Sciences Po Paris and a master’s degree in political philosophy from Sorbonne University, he was in charge of production for the program “Soft Power”, broadcast on France Culture / Radio France, before joining the Cabinet of the Minister of Culture, where he took part in the design and implementation of several cultural policies. Passionate about diplomatic issues since his first experience at the French Embassy in Cuba, Nathan Marcel-Millet joined Estonia in the fall of 2020, covering the field of digital cooperation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

在エストニアフランス大使館のデジタル担当官。サイバーセキュリティ、EdTech(教育とテクノロジーの融合)、AI、e-ガバナンス、スマートシティといった多岐にわたるテーマのもと、二国間・地域間の共同プロジェクトを展開する。デジタルやメディア、文化分野で活動をスタート。パリ政治学院で公共政策の修士号、ソルボンヌ大学で政治哲学の修士号を取得。France Culture / Radio France放送の番組「Soft Power」の制作担当を経て、文化省に入り、文化政策の立案・実施に携わる。在キューバフランス大使館での勤務経験から、外交問題に情熱を持ち、2020年秋にエストニアへ移る。外務省のデジタル分野担当。

Fabian Oderbolz (Switzerland)
Fabian Oderbolz is a writer and researcher. His work primarily deals with art, the broader cultural sphere, and the city in the modern world. A particular interest concerns the relationships between societal evolution, aesthetics, and materiality. 
He holds an M.A. from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.


Abbas Saad (Lebanon)
Abbas Saad is a Lebanese urban researcher and development consultant. Abbas holds a Master of Science in urban planning from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in addition to Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the American University of Beirut. During his master’s, Abbas visited three countries and investigated smart cities, including Pune City in India, Pittsburgh City in the US and Trondheim City in Norway. In 2018, he participated in a conference in Berlin organized by the German Ministry of Economics and the Zurich School of Arts where he presented a paper on how post-war art in Beirut responds to the loss of memory in the city. Since 2019, Abbas has been a research associate with Economic Development Solutions (EDS), a private development consultancy firm in Beirut. With EDS, Abbas has been working on several assessments and evaluations consulting INGOs on how to shape their development interventions in the context of Lebanon.

レバノンの都市研究者、開発コンサルタント。ベイルート・アメリカン大学土木工学科で学士号(理学)を取得後、ノルウェー科学技術大学理工学部で都市計画の修士号取得。修士課程在籍中に、スマートシティ調査のため、インドのプネ、アメリカのピッツバーグ、ノルウェーのトロンハイムの三都市を訪れる。2018年にはベルリンにて開催された、ドイツ経済産業省とチューリヒ芸術大学主催のシンポジウムに参加。ベイルート戦後美術において、都市における記憶の喪失という問題がどのように扱われているかについての論文を発表。2019年より、ベイルートの民間開発コンサルティング会社Economic Development Solutions(EDS)で研究員を務めている。EDSでは国際非政府組織(INGO)のコンサルタントとして、レバノンにおける開発介入のあり方についての評価や査定調査に取り組んでいる。

Jing Su (China)
Jing SU is now studying on Chinese smart cities and also a columnist. She is an alumna of the 2019-2020 German Chancellor Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and she made her research project related cultural and creative industries at u-institut in Berlin, which has been responsible for the Federal Government’s Center of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Germany. She was a visiting scholar at the ZCCE of the Zurich University of the Arts for 2 months. She worked in the cultural and educational department of the German Consulate General Shanghai and in the Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai.

中国のスマートシティについての研究者、コラムニスト。アレクサンダー・フォン・フンボルト財団ドイツ首相フェローシップ卒業生(2019-2020)。ベルリンのu-institut にて、文化・クリエイティブ産業に関する研究プロジェクトを行う(同プロジェクトはドイツ連邦政府 / the Federal Government’s Center of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industrieより依頼)。チューリヒ芸術大学チューリヒ創造経済研究センター  (ZCCE) にて、2ヶ月間、客員研究員として活動。上海ドイツ総領事館文化・教育部門、上海ハンブルグ市連絡事務所(Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai)にて勤務経験を持つ。


Prof. Yusaku Imamura (Global Art Practice, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Dr. Michiko Oki (Global Art Practice, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Yuko Takahashi (Communications & Culture, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan)