7月の詩「海の中の夢をみる」/Poem of July  “I Dream About a Life in the Ocean


“I Dream About a Life in the Ocean” got selected as the poem of the month, and would be that of July on Hanatsubaki web magazine, Shiseido.



Present ≫ 柏原 瑚子


室内合唱団 VOX GAUDIOSA 第26回定期演奏会/Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA 26th Annual Concert

[Off campus Event/学外イベント]

The new compositions for mixed chorus (a cappella) composed by Takumi Uchida, a master’s student of GAP, will be premiered at the “Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA 26th Annual Concert” on September 22.

GAP専攻修士課程在籍の内田拓海の合唱のための委嘱新作が、9月22日に開催される「室内合唱団 VOX GAUDIOSA 第26回定期演奏会」で初演されます。



  • 2024年9月22日(日) 13:30開場 14:00開演
  • September 22, 2024 (Sun) Doors open at 13:30 and concert starts at 14:00


  • DAI-ICHI SEIMEI HALL, Harumi Triton Square, 1-8-9 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053
  • 第一生命ホール 〒104-0053 東京都中央区晴海1丁目8番地9号(晴海トリトンスクエア内)

Present ≫

  • 内田拓海 Takumi Uchida

Name of Participating Artists/参加・出展アーティスト名

  • Ko Matsushita, Miyako Mito, Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA, Hideki Chihara, Takumi Uchida, Matteo Magistrali
  • 松下耕、水戸見弥子、室内合唱団 VOX GAUDIOSA、千原英喜、内田拓海、マッテオ・マジストラーリ

Admission fee/料金

  • Advance Ticket: 3,000 yen Student Ticket: 1,500 yen High School Students and Younger: 1,000 yen Web Streaming Ticket: 2,000 yen Same-Day Ticket: 3,500 yen
  • 一般 3,000円、学生 1,500円、高校生以下 1,000円、配信2,000円、当日券3,500円

チョン・ヨンシム特別講演会 Special Lecture by Yeon Shim CHUNG [南北軍事境界線 ― 自然・挑戦・そしてアート/境界を超えて Beyond Barriers: Nature, Challenges, and Art in the DMZ]

ゲスト:チョン・ヨンシム氏(Yeon Shim CHUNG)
弘益大学教授、DMZ Art & Peace Platform 2021ディレクター


“The border is there, acting as a barrier, yet the artistic imagination and desire for peace in the DMZ will always be as borderless as birds, wind, water, and grass. Borderless DMZ. “

– チョン・ヨンシム Yeon Shim CHUNG



GAPでは、DMZでのアートプロジェクト「DMZ Art & Peace Platform 2021」のディレクター、チョン・ヨンシム氏の来日を捉え、DMZを現場とするアートによるアプローチについて、緊急トークを開催します。

チョン・ヨンシム氏がキュレーティングしたDMZ Art & Peace Platformは、DMZとその周辺の5カ所を会場とし、ナムジュン・パイクや坂茂、オラファー・エリアソンとセバスティアン・ベーマンによるStudio Other Spaceなど、国際的に高く評価される33人のアーティストが参加しました。DMZの過去、現在、未来の物語にスポットを当て、DMZを新たな「コンタクトゾーン」、つまり国境のない平和地帯へと変貌させるプロジェクトです。参加者は、南と北の国境に住む普通の人々や彼らの日常生活、ミレニアル世代やZ世代、朝鮮戦争を経験していない戦後世代に代表される避難民や戦争イメージの「先送りされた記憶」、精神を癒すために絶滅危惧種の名前を呼び起こすこと、パンデミックや気候危機の中で環境とテクノロジーの共存について考えるなど、多様な題材を取り上げ、アートをプラットフォームとして幅広い専門家が結集しました。



In today’s world, there is not a day that goes by without being reminded of the conflicts and wars happening around the globe, and the division and tragedies they bring to people. As people studying art, how can we engage with this situation? Even though our methods may differ, each of us is likely spending our days carrying some thoughts on how to cope with this.

The most continuous conflict close to Japan is at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on the Korean Peninsula. In South Korea, our neighboring country, there is a cultural and research-oriented approach using the DMZ as a platform to view the present through art, and reflect on the past and future, while considering ongoing political struggles.

In the GAP, we are seizing the opportunity of the visit by Ph.D. Chung Yeon shim, director of the DMZ art project “DMZ Art & Peace Platform 2021,” to hold an urgent talk on the approach to art at the DMZ. 

The DMZ Art & Peace Platform, curated by Dr. Chung, used DMZ and its surrounding 5 locations as venues and featured 33 internationally acclaimed artists including Nam June Paik, Shigeru Ban, and the Studio Other Space by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann. This project focused on the past, present, and future stories of the DMZ, transforming it into a new “contact zone,” a borderless peace area. Participants included a wide range of experts using art as a platform, covering diverse themes such as the everyday lives of ordinary people living on the border between North and South Korea, the “deferred memories” of refugees and post-war generations who did not experience the Korean War, invoking the names of endangered species to heal the spirit, and considering the coexistence of the environment and technology amid the pandemic and climate crisis.

Dr. Chung says, “The border is there, acting as a barrier, yet the artistic imagination and desire for peace in the DMZ will always be as borderless as birds, wind, water, and grass. Borderless DMZ. “

In this era of conflict, we invite many to participate and consider the power of art towards the future.

ゲスト:チョン・ヨンシム氏(Yeon Shim CHUNG)
弘益大学教授、DMZ Art & Peace Platform 2021ディレクター


執筆活動としては、2013年、戦後韓国美術における単色画の主要な提唱者である李逸(イ・イル)の評論集を編纂した(Mijinsa、2013年、英訳はLes Presses du réelより出版)。また、M+ Matters(香港)で単色画に関する複数の記事を執筆したほか、ナム・ジュン・パイク、パク・ヒョンギ、韓国の実験的前衛芸術家に関するモノグラフを執筆。アンソロジー『Visualizing Beauty(美の視覚化)』では本の章を執筆:また、『Installation Art in Contemporary Space』(A & C、2014年)と『Korean Installation Art』(2018年)という2冊の韓国語のモノグラフがある。1953年以降の韓国美術を執筆、共同編集:Collision, Innovation, Interaction』(Phaidon London、2020年)を執筆している。

Professor of Art History and Theory at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. She received her Ph.D. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Dr Chung’s research interests encompass both modern and contemporary Western and East Asian art and culture. Before receiving tenure at Hongik, she was Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and a researcher for the exhibition The World of Nam June Paik at the Guggenheim Museum, New York in 1999. She has also co-curated several landmark exhibitions in New York and in Seoul since 2000, including Faultlines, an exhibition of “Imagined Border,” the 2018 Gwangju Biennale edition. In 2013, Chung compiled a Critical Anthology of Lee Yil, a major proponent of Dansaekhwa in post-war Korean art (Mijinsa, 2013; the English translation was published by Les Presses du réel). She also authored several articles on Dansaekhwa at M+ Matters (Hong Kong), and monographs on Nam June Paik, Park Hyun-Ki, and Korean experimental avant-garde artists. She published a book chapter in the anthology Visualizing Beauty: Gender and Ideology in Modern East Asia (Hong Kong University Press, 2012); and has two monographs in Korean, entitled Installation Art in Contemporary Space (A & C, 2014) and Korean Installation Art (2018). She authored and co-edited Korean Art from 1953: Collision, Innovation, Interaction (Phaidon London, 2020). As an artistic director she curated the 2021 DMZ Art & Peace Platform on the border of the DMZ. She was a visiting research professor at IFA, NYU in 2018-2019 as a Fulbright Fellow.

DMZ Art & Peace Platform:
WEBSITE of DMZ Art & Peace Platform


What is DMZ?
The DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) on the Korean Peninsula is the Military Demarcation Line established by the Korean War Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, and in South Korea, it is called “육이오 (pronounced “yook-ee-oh”, or six-two-five)” based on the pronunciation of the date. Within the context of the East-West Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union deeply engaged in the struggle for control over the Korean Peninsula, making it a prominent site of global geopolitical conflict. The distant cause of its occurrence includes Japan’s colonial rule over the Korean Peninsula, marking it as the closest site of conflict and division to Japan. The Korean War remains in a state of armistice, having lasted for more than 70 years without a formal end to the war. The process by which one ethnic group has come to division and conflict is not only the outcome of actions by the parties directly involved but also a result of global political struggles, a structure that can be similarly observed in conflicts and wars frequently reported in the news today.

テーマ:南北軍事境界線 ― 自然・挑戦・そしてアート/境界を超えて


会場: 東京藝術大学上野キャンパス 美術学部中央棟第一講義室(以下の地図の7番)https://www.geidai.ac.jp/access/ueno

対象:本学の学生・教職員、学外一般 (定員150名)
*GAPの修士1年は必修授業(GAP Unit Program)の一環として開催するので必ず履修すること。

使用言語:英語・日本語の逐次通訳つき(通訳者:ホウグ カイル)


企画・司会:李美那(東京藝術大学 グローバルアートプラクティスGAP教授)


問い合わせ先:美術研究科 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻


Theme: Beyond Barriers: Nature, Challenges, and Art in the DMZ

Date:  June 28th, 2024 (Friday) 18:00-20:00

Venue: Lecture Room 1, Central Building, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts (No. 7 on the map below)
*There will be no online streaming of the lecture.

Eligibility: TUAT students, faculty, staff, and the general public (first-come, first-served; capacity of 150)
*GAP Unit Program (must be taken as it is part of the required coursework) for the first year of the Master’s degree in GAP.

Language: Japanese and English with consecutive interpretation (interpreter: Kyle Hogue)

Admission free/ Reservation not required (in order of arrival)

Planned and hosted by Professor Lee Mina (GAP)
Organized by Global Art Practice (GAP), Tokyo University of the Arts

Graduate School of Art, Department of Global Art Practice
Email: gapstaffs@ml.geidai.ac.jp

Hana and Koto|はなとこと

[Off campus Screening/学外スクリーニング]

The film “Hana and Koto” with music by Takumi Uchida, a master’s student of GAP, has been nominated for the SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2024. It is scheduled to screen onsite and online on the following dates.


Established in 2004 in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL was one of the first international competitive film festivals to exclusively feature digital cinema, which has now become the standard format for motion pictures. We remain committed to discovering and nurturing new talent, with the aim of helping these filmmakers seize new business opportunities that have arisen in the changing landscape of the film industry. In 2024, the 21st edition of the festival will be held.

The core programs of the festival are the International Competition and the Japanese Film Competition. The International Competition accepts submissions from all over the world. The Japanese Film Competition, which is divided into two sections, the Japanese Feature Film Competition and the Japanese Short Film Competition, accepts domestic submissions by emerging filmmakers. This year, we have received 1,201 submissions, from 102 countries and regions.

After preliminary judges select the first round of nominees, the official jury members, who are esteemed domestic and international industry professionals, will judge the films, and the awards including the Grand Prize will be given out on the last day of the festival. In addition, the SKIP CITY AWARD is given to a Japanese film which displays promising talent for feature filmmaking.






Date/日付 ≫

  • Onsite
    7.15 (Mon) 16:40 Audio Visual Hall
    7.18 (Thu) 14:00 Convention Hall
  • Online
    7.20 (Sat) 10:00 – 7.24 (Wed) 23:00
  • 現地会場
    7/15(月・祝)16:40 映像ホール
    7/18(木)14:00 多目的ホール
  • 配信
    7/20(土)10:00 ~ 7/24(水)23:00

Venue with address / 会場と住所 ≫

  • 3-12-63, Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama
  • 埼玉県川口市上青木3-12-63

Name of Participating Artists / 参加・出展アーティスト名

  • Director : Hiromi TANOUE
  • Cast : Sato TAJIMA, Shima IZUTSU, Nijitaro HIBI, Satomi KARASAWA, Don KOIKE, Noriko ARAI
  • 監督:田之上裕美
  • 出演:但馬智、井筒しま、日比虹太郎、唐澤里美、小池首領、荒井典子

Present ≫ 内田拓海 Takumi Uchida

Admission fee / 料金

  • Reserved Ticket for Competition: ¥600 (Advanced) ¥800 (Same-day) 
  • Competition Screening Pass (unlimited) with online access: ¥4,500 
  • Competition Screening Pass (unlimited): ¥3,500
  • コンペ作品前売券600円・当日券800円
  • コンペ作品フリーパス(オンライン配信見放題特典付き)4,500円
  • コンペ作品フリーパス 3,500円

Entrance Examination Briefing Session for International Applicants 2025 Academic year

Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, TUA will organize an Entrance exam briefing session for International Applicants (2025 Academic Year). Individuals who are interested in pursuing a further degree can participate in the online guidance.

This Briefing Session will be given only in English. We will have the another session in Japanese in November 2024.

If you have any specific questions, please send them in advance using the Advance Inquiry Form below. Answers will be given at the Briefing session or posted on the website, and individual replies will not be made.

Send your inquires here: Advance Inquiry Form (Google Form)

*Language: English Only (If you have a question, you can also ask us in Japanese)

Date・Venue: 26th June (WED) 16:00(JST) Online by ZOOM(URL: https://zoom.us/j/98304947522
Please access it when the time comes. No reservation required.

Forage the Poetry/道草を喰う-詩の奏作ワークショップ

[Off campus Workshop/学外ワークショップ]

Why not join us in a playful dialogue with wild plants around us and see what words bloom from our connection with the land? Wild plants roam freely, crossing invisible borders like national and prefectural lines. Sometimes they’re shunned by humans, sometimes they heal us, but they always share a deep bond with us, transcending time and place. In this workshop, we’ll forage for wild plants, savour their aromas and flavours, and let them inspire us to craft the poetry that bridge the gap between us and the land.

We’ll kick off with Nagisa Mizuno, who will share her reflections on the boundary between her body and the land. Drawing from her year-long adventure gathering wild plants in Finland in 2023, she’ll tell the story of ‘Momo-iro no Tea (Peach-Coloured Tea),’ a short tale inspired by her experiences. Then, we’ll take a stroll through the neighborhood to gather intriguing wild plants. Back at our gathering spot, we’ll brew wild plant tea, watch its colour change, inhale its scent, and put our feelings into words. The words we create from these wildflowers will blossom into poems full of unique emotions and perspectives.

Sharing and connecting with each other is a key part of the fun. Let’s enjoy this journey of tasting wild plants and playing with words together!

身近な野草との対話を通じて、自分と土地との関係性から生まれる言葉を奏作(創作)してみませんか?野草は、国境や県境などの見えない境界線を超えて自由に旅しています。時には人間から忌み嫌われたり、逆に癒しをもたらしたり、時代や場所を超えてわたしたちと深い関係を持っています。このワークショップでは、野草のフォレッジ(forage: 採取する)からその香りや味わいを楽しむ時間までをご一緒し、野草を通して、わたしと土地のあいだに見つけた詩(ことば)を拾い上げ、奏でていけたらと思います。



Date/日付: 6 June 2024 14:00-16:00

Venue/会場: Comoris Yoyogi Uehara, 8-2 Yoyogimachi, Shibuya, Tokyo/東京都渋谷区元代々木町8-2 Comoris(コモリス)代々木上原

Present: 水野渚 Nagisa MIZUNO

Admission fee/料金: Free/無料

Website: https://foragethepoetry.peatix.com

Avgang 2024: The World Is A Knot In Motion

[Off Campus Exhibition / 学外展示会・展覧会]

You’re invited to the MFA exhibition by 20 artists from the programmes Medium- and Material Based art and Art and Public Space at Oslo National Academy for the Arts.

“If a degree show was a material, what would its qualities be? Porous or hard, opaque or transparent, steely or malleable? Could you hold it in your hands, or would you have to ask for help to lift it up?
In this exhibition of artists working with medium and material-based arts and art in public space, we are met with both novel ideas and some impressively vast time scales and topics. Materials and techniques that appear either old or new, are seldom one or the other, and often both.
The exhibition title ‘The World Is A Knot In Motion’ is a quote from the author Donna Haraway, who is known for using science-fiction to fabulate on future material realities and living conditions on the planet to highlight new and current perspectives on our coexistence with the species around us, whether they’re species of rocks, animals, trees, or plants. The phrase, as we are applying it, encourages a break with deterministic definitions of “nature” and “culture”, and the distinction between these. It is also a sentence whose progression seems to align with our understanding of the given format — the world is ingested, the work knots, and the exhibition format signifies a forward motion.”
We look forward to welcoming you into 20 unique artistic worlds!

The exhibition is curated by Håkon Lillegraven.


May 31 17:00–20:00
Jun 01 11:00–16:00
Jun 02 11:00–16:00
Jun 03 15:00–19:00
Jun 04 15:00–19:00
Jun 05 15:00–19:00
Jun 06 15:00–19:00
Jun 07 15:00–19:00
Jun 08 11:00–16:00
Jun 09 11:00–16:00

Venue with address
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo

Opening reception detail
[Opening] Friday 31 May 17:00-20:00
Opening ceremony 17:00-17:30, open until 20:00
[Exhibition period] 1-9 June
Public programmes and performances Saturday 1+8 June

Participate from GAP
太田紗世 Sayo Ota

Participating Artists
Alice Davies, Almendra Baus Rusiñol, Anastasya Kizilova, Anders Hald, Belén Santillán, Carolina Vasquéz Gonzaléz, Dariusz Stefan Wojdyga, Kaia Weiss, Linda Flø, Magnus Håland Sunde, Nanna Amstrup, Rajat Mondal, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Sayo Ota, Silje Kjørholt, Sofia Nömm, Tamara Marbl Joka, Théotime Ritzenthaler, Victor Kojo Aubyn, Zeke Isendahl

Follow @khioartandcraft og @the_world_is_a_knot_in_motion_ on Instagram for introductions to the 20 artists and programme updates leading up to the opening day.
For press or other inquiries, contact programme coordinator Mariella Yakubu at mariyaku@khio.no
MFA Medium and Material Based Art
MFA in Art and Public Space

Talk event for sharing experiences of studying in Finland / 北欧の留学物語: フィンランドからの報告

[On Campus Talk Event / 学内トークイベント]

In this event, Nagisa, who studied in Finland as an exchange student, will share her experiences about her exchange life at Aalto University, and Finnish culture and art, together with a guest from the Finnish Institute in Japan.
If you are interested in studying abroad or Finnish design and art, please feel free to join us! Coffee and tea will be provided.


Presentet:Nagisa Mizuno / 水野渚
Date&Time/日時:May 17, 2024, 12:10-13:00

Venue/ 会場:Community Salon, the Faculty of Music on the Ueno Campus on the third floor of the TAKI PLAZA, Tokyo University of the Arts / 東京藝術大学上野キャンパス国際交流棟3Fコミュニティサロン
Admission Fee /料金:Free / 無料

Special Lecture by Elsa Dorlin 哲学者エルザ・ドルラン特別講義「暴力、レイシズムと芸術」(仮)

Photo : © Ferrante Ferranti 提供:(株)フランス著作権事務所




エルザ・ドルラン(Elsa Dorlin)
著書『人種の母胎―性と植民地問題からみるフランスにおけるナシオンの系譜(La matrice de la race; Généalogie sexuelle et coloniale de la Nation française)』の邦訳が今年6月、人文書院より刊行予定。他に『性・ジェンダー・セクシュアリティ〔Sexe, genre et sexualités〕』(2008年/第2版2021年)、フランツ・ファノン賞受賞の『自己防衛――暴力の哲学〔Sedéfendre. Une philosophie de la violence〕』(2017年)等がある(いずれも「未邦訳)。




会場: 東京藝術大学上野キャンパス 美術学部中央棟第一講義室(以下の地図の7番)https://www.geidai.ac.jp/access/ueno

対象:本学の学生・教職員、学外一般 (定員150名)




共催:東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科国際芸術創造研究科グローバルアートプロデュース専攻(GA) 清水知子研究室 


問い合わせ先:美術研究科 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻

Elsa Dorlin is the most important philosopher who ideologically supports the new feminist trend in France since the mid-2000s. As an expert on gender, racism, and feminism, she has studied the formation of gender and racial categories, and through works such as “Sex, Gender, and Sexuality” (2018) and “Self-Defense: The Philosophy of Violence” (2017) and deals with the phenomenology of violence and the concept of self-defense. In recent years, he has also been a strong inspiration for the artistic creation of Gisele Vienne, a director and choreographer known for her numerous stage productions also in Japan and a leader in the French performing arts, by providing numerous texts for her works as an ideological collaborator.

In conjunction with her visit to Japan for the publication of the Japanese translation of “The Mother of Race: Genealogy of Nation in France from the Perspective of Sexuality and Colonialism” (2006), she will give a special lecture at Tokyo National University of Arts for the first time. 

In this lecture, Mr. Dolan will outline the key points to grasp the overall picture of her philosophy, and together we will learn to take a critical perspective on the structures that produce internalized violence and racism in human beings, from everyday life to historical events and ongoing wars. In addition to Professor Tomoko Shimizu of GA, we welcome artist Hikaru Fujii as a discussant, and we will also develop a discussion connecting Mr. Dolan’s thought to artistic practice. Please join us. 

Elsa Dorlin
Philosopher. PhD. from the Sorbonne (former University of Paris IV) in 2004, she taught History of Philosophy and History of Science as Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Panthéon-Sorbonne, then became Professor of Political Science at the University of Paris VIII, and since 2021 Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jorez. Known for introducing black feminism to France, she is one of the most important philosophers to ideologically support the new feminist trend in France since the mid-2000s. In addition to this book, he is the author of “Sex, genre et sexualités” (2008, 2nd ed. 2021), which has not yet been translated into Japanese, and “Self-Defense: The Philosophy of Violence” (2017), which won the Prix Franz Fanon, among others.

Tomoko Shimizu (Professor, the Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices program at the Graduate School of Global Arts, TUA)
Hikaru Fujii (Artist) 

Planning and moderator: Chiaki Soma (Art Producer, Associate Professor of Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts)

DateMay 23rd, 2024 (Monday) 18:00-20:00

Venue: Lecture Room 1, Central Building, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts (No. 7 on the map below)
*There will be no online streaming of the lecture.

Eligibility: TUAT students, faculty, staff, and the general public (first-come, first-served; capacity of 150)
*GAP Seminar (must be taken as it is part of the required coursework) for the first year of the Master’s degree in GAP.

Language: Japanese and English with consecutive interpretation (interpreter: Kanoko Tamura)

Admission and Booking: 
Reservations are now closed as we have reached capacity.

Organized by Global Art Practice (GAP), Tokyo University of the Arts
Co-organized by Tomoko Shimizu Lab, the Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices program at the Graduate School of Global Arts, TUA
Special Cooperation: Institut Francais du Japon

Graduate School of Art, Department of Global Art Practice
Email: gapstaffs@ml.geidai.ac.jp

In the realm beyond spectrum / スペクトルの彼方で

Sareena Sattapon ( PhD)

Human, space, and time are essential components in performative art pieces, intricately interconnecting with each other. Traditionally, in the process of creating performances, the artist retains control over all these elements. However, what would happen if the “”Human”” component were not performers but spectators? If “”observing”” equates to “”creating””, How can we control the uncontrolled? “”In the realm beyond spectrum”” is an attempt to connect the audience with artwork by creating a performative space comprising six channels of video mockumentary, a white cube room, and glass wall. The video draws inspiration from the life story of Sareena’s aunt, who resides in Thailand but is depicted within Japan’s context. Viewers can observe and listen from both “”inside”” and “”outside””, and as they become part of the artwork, their role transforms from observers to contributors. The seemingly endless relationships between individuals and spaces may help spectators to revisit the connections they possess.

Sareena sattapon

本展「In the realm beyond spectrum」は、ホワイトキューブとガラスの壁、6チャンネルのモキュメンタリ―映像で構成されたパフォーマンス空間を立ち上げ、観客と作品を接続する試みを行います。映像は、タイに住むサッタポンの叔母の人生譚から着想を得ており、それを日本の文脈に置き換えて描かれています。鑑賞者は作品の「内」と「外」の双方から作品を見聞きし、作品の一部となることで、その立場は鑑賞者から作品の構成者へと変化します。個々人と空間の、一見すると終わりのない関係性は、鑑賞者自らが持つ繋がりを再訪する手がかりとなります。

Period /会期:23 March – 25 May 2024 *Closed on Sun-Wed and holidays
Venue/ 会場:Piramide Bldg., 4F 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
現代芸術振興財団(東京都港区六本木6-6-9 ピラミデビル4階)
Open hours:Thursday・Friday・Saturday 12:00〜19:00
Opening reception:23rd March (Sat) 17:00〜19:00
Organizer:公益財団法人 現代芸術振興財団

現代芸術振興財団本展特設website: https://gendai-art.org/caf/sareena/