Avgang 2024: The World Is A Knot In Motion

[Off Campus Exhibition / 学外展示会・展覧会]

You’re invited to the MFA exhibition by 20 artists from the programmes Medium- and Material Based art and Art and Public Space at Oslo National Academy for the Arts.

“If a degree show was a material, what would its qualities be? Porous or hard, opaque or transparent, steely or malleable? Could you hold it in your hands, or would you have to ask for help to lift it up?
In this exhibition of artists working with medium and material-based arts and art in public space, we are met with both novel ideas and some impressively vast time scales and topics. Materials and techniques that appear either old or new, are seldom one or the other, and often both.
The exhibition title ‘The World Is A Knot In Motion’ is a quote from the author Donna Haraway, who is known for using science-fiction to fabulate on future material realities and living conditions on the planet to highlight new and current perspectives on our coexistence with the species around us, whether they’re species of rocks, animals, trees, or plants. The phrase, as we are applying it, encourages a break with deterministic definitions of “nature” and “culture”, and the distinction between these. It is also a sentence whose progression seems to align with our understanding of the given format — the world is ingested, the work knots, and the exhibition format signifies a forward motion.”
We look forward to welcoming you into 20 unique artistic worlds!

The exhibition is curated by Håkon Lillegraven.


May 31 17:00–20:00
Jun 01 11:00–16:00
Jun 02 11:00–16:00
Jun 03 15:00–19:00
Jun 04 15:00–19:00
Jun 05 15:00–19:00
Jun 06 15:00–19:00
Jun 07 15:00–19:00
Jun 08 11:00–16:00
Jun 09 11:00–16:00

Venue with address
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo

Opening reception detail
[Opening] Friday 31 May 17:00-20:00
Opening ceremony 17:00-17:30, open until 20:00
[Exhibition period] 1-9 June
Public programmes and performances Saturday 1+8 June

Participate from GAP
太田紗世 Sayo Ota

Participating Artists
Alice Davies, Almendra Baus Rusiñol, Anastasya Kizilova, Anders Hald, Belén Santillán, Carolina Vasquéz Gonzaléz, Dariusz Stefan Wojdyga, Kaia Weiss, Linda Flø, Magnus Håland Sunde, Nanna Amstrup, Rajat Mondal, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Sayo Ota, Silje Kjørholt, Sofia Nömm, Tamara Marbl Joka, Théotime Ritzenthaler, Victor Kojo Aubyn, Zeke Isendahl

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For press or other inquiries, contact programme coordinator Mariella Yakubu at mariyaku@khio.no
MFA Medium and Material Based Art
MFA in Art and Public Space