The branching room | 枝分かれの部屋

日時 : 2024年 2月23日(金)祝日 夜6時 -11時
場所 :   デカメロン 〒160-0021 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1丁目12−4
入場料 :  2000円+1drink order
企画・制作・協力:Performance Art Platform ハムたまごサンドイッチ / デカメロン

At any time during the event at least one of the artists will be performing, so please feel free to drop by when convenient. The venue is a two-story building, with the drinking bar on the first floor and the performance space / gallery on the second floor. The performances that will take place during the event on the second floor are often interactive, so rather than sitting quietly and watching, we recommend that you join in if you feel comfortable. You can also of course spend time going back and forth to the bar on the first floor.
You are free to exit and re-enter the venue during the event.

The branching room

Our choices cause the future to branch out. A person’s presence branches and multiplies through shadows, reflections, photographs and digital means. Memory is another kind of branching, allowing for the superposition of different times and events. The method of branching, then, transforms the original in various ways, creating the basis for new interpretations, relationships, and opportunities.
 Most of the ‘choices’ in our lives might be made unconsciously. Imagine a dog who suddenly appears, snags a piece of bread from your hand, and walks away while you are debating whether to choose ham or egg as an ingredient for your sandwich. We are surprisingly blind to what is around us, just as we are oblivious to the gaze of a hungry dog. In the Branching Room, we will attempt to once more meet the gaze of the dog and once more be deprived of bread.
 Nameless relationships are of greater interest than named ones. How are relationships between people built, changed, broken, and rebuilt again in the course of everyday life? In the Branching Room, performers and audience will interact with elements of sound, light, photography, and games to explore the consequences of choices and the simultaneity of past, present, and future.
 Artist and performance art platform Ham Tamago Sandwich member Stephan E. Perez, is about to leave Japan, where he has spent the last 8 years. In preparation for his departure, he brings together people involved in his early and recent performance work at the Kabukicho art space “Decameron”. They will be joined by the audience, including you, for reflection and discussion.