2021 Global Art Practice Program MFA Thesis Presentation| 修士論文発表会 東京芸術大学 GAP専攻

2021 Global Art Practice Program MFA Thesis Presentation| 修士論文発表会 東京芸術大学 GAP専攻

Date: Saturday, 30 January 2021, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (JST)
Venue:Held Online (via Zoom)
Zoom ID and Passcode as listed on Image
会場:オンライン(Zoom)にて開催 Zoom ID、パスコードは画像に記載

Naoto John Tanaka
Thesis Titles
“Why was a 2nd Geidai Campus Opened in Omonma?”
An Attempt to Structure a History of Toride Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts, from Records and Voices.

Hyunjoo Cho
A Narrative Inquiry on Career Sustenance of Contemporary Artists




Naoto John Tanaka, Hyunjoo Cho

Open Studio | Art As Experiment: Body in the Kitchen | オープン・スタジオ |「Art As Experiment: Body in the Kitchen 」

Date:Friday, 4 December 2020, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (JST), 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (Paris UTC), 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. (London GMT)
Venue:Online (Please check the link below)

Content: Art As Experiment: Body in the Kitchen This event is an open studio for GAP’s 2020 Global Art Joint Curriculum (co-hosted by CSM and BAP). In previous years, the program had been held in London, Paris, Tokyo and Toride, where each school visited one another at their campuses. This year, however, all the programs were held online. Despite being online, all the workshops developed in a way in which one could sense, through the screen, the body movements and things which took place behind the moving images. This open studio is an opportunity to present some of the outcomes from these workshops. *International Joint Project granted by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) through its Program for Enforcing the Function of National Universities

Art As Experiment: Body in the Kitchen アートは実験であるーキッチンと身体ー


Global Art Practice,Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA)
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (CSM)
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (BAP)
主催: 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科グローバルアートプラクティス専攻(GAP) ロンドン芸術大学セントラル・セント・マーチンズ校(CSM) パリ国立高等美術学校(BAP)

Yuko Mohri | TUA , Lecturer
Yusaku Imamura | TUA, Professor
Paul Haywood | CSM, Dean of Academic Programmes
Alison Green | CSM, Programme Director (Cover), Culture and Enterprise; Course Leader, MA Culture, Criticism and Curation
Fred Meller | CSM, Programme Director, Drama and Performance
Emmanuelle Huynh | BAP, Professor, Dance Studio
担当: 毛利 悠子 | GAP 専攻講師 今村有策 | GAP 専攻教授 ポール・ヘイワード | CSM 美術学部長 アリソン・グリーン | CSM 常勤講師 / MA Culture Criticism and Curation専攻長 フレッド・メラー | CSM 常勤講師/ Performance Programme 専攻長 エマニュエル・ユイン | BAP 教授 (ダンス・アトリエ)

Online Special Open Lecture |”The Art of Connection”

Date:Friday, 5 June 2020, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Venue:Online (via zoom)
*For Participation, please register from the following “Registration link”. The zoom link for the lecture will be sent to you via email.
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/bbPSMQ5cVb1R2ZA97
Registration deadline: Thursday 4 June, 5:00 p.m.

Through the art-making process, the artist connected the relationship between the individual and the outside world. He will talk about the art of connection through his artworks and the years of exploration in the city of Hong Kong. Find a way out of the plight of people being isolated under the epidemic.


Speaker:Pak Sheung Chuen

Faculty:Yusaku Imamura | TUA, Professor
担当: 今村有策(グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 教授)

GAP 2020 Online Exhibition

Date:Monday, 25 May / Wednesday, 27 May / Friday, 29 May 2020, 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (JST)
日時:2020年5月25日(月)/ 2020年5月27日(水)/ 2020年5月29日(金)14:00-17:30
Venue: ZOOM & various online platforms
会場:ZOOM および オンライン各所

GAP 2020 Online Exhibition is a creative alternative to a physical interim show that was cancelled due to the recent COVID-19 situation. 19 members of second-year students will present their most recent works as another step toward their final projects. Student presentations will be followed by a panel discussion on the 29th, which will bring the guest critic Ryo Sawayama, members of GAP faculty, and the presenters together for constructive criticism. The exhibition’s official website is open to the public.

Special Guest Panel: Ryo Sawayama (Art Critic)
Exhibition Website:

GAP 2020 Online Exhibitionは、本来実際の会場で行われるはずだったGAP専攻の進級展を、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大を踏まえ、オンライン上で行うという試みです。 修士2年生の学生19名が、それぞれの修了制作に向けた発表をします。また、29日(最終日)の学生の発表の後には、GAP専攻の教員と学生に加え、ゲストとして批評家の沢山遼さんをお呼びし、パネルディスカッションを行います。また、展示の公式ウェブサイトも合わせて公開しています。

沢山 遼(美術批評家)


Artists:M2 Students
Guest: Ryo Sawayama(Art Critic)

GAP Unit Award Exhibition 2019 “Perception Practice”|2019年度GAPユニット賞展「チカク」

Date:Wednesday, 25 March 2020 – Sunday, 29 March 2020, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Last day till 17:00 (JST)
日時:2020年3月25日(木)〜 2020年3月29日 12:00 – 19:00 最終日は17:00まで
Venue:Youkoubo Art Space Studio- 3
会場:遊工房アートスペース Studio- 3

Global Art Practice (GAP) is a graduate program, dedicated to fostering future leading artists with a global focus on social practice in contemporary art. We are proud to present a two- person exhibition at Youkobo Art Space organized by students who excelled in the inaugural year of this program.

Artists : Cho Hyunjoo, Ryo Yamaguchi



 2019年度GAPユニット賞展「チカク」 参加作家、曺賢珠 (ジョ・ヒュンジュ)、山口諒


Co-organizer:Youkobo Art Space

GAP Special Lecture |Making and Thinking on the Realm of Sculpture and its Possibilities | 特別公開講義 |「つくることと思考-彫刻の領域と可能性」

Date:Friday, 31 January 2020, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (JST)
Venue:Lecture room 1, 1F Chuo-Building, Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus 12-8, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Note: The lecture will be held in Japanese; simultaneous interpretation into English to be provided.
※ Live steaming on youtube here : https://youtu.be/LpVZ8zRxTSI
会場:東京藝術大学上野校地中央棟1F 第1講義室 東京都台東区上野公園12-8

Global Art Practice MFA Course (GAP) invites Kodai Nakahara and Yutaka Sone to hold a special talk at the Tokyo University of the Arts.
An artist Yutaka Sone who develops conceptual artworks with the medium of sculpture, painting, drawing and performance, requested to hold a public talk with Kodai Nakahara. Both Nakahara and Sone began to work as an artist around the late 1980s and early 1990s, but this public talk will be the first occasion of their intellectual interaction in person.
It is exciting to join their talk raising fundamental questions with criticality, whose practice has brought to us the unmistakable stimulation and influence over the period of time.
The talk will be facilitated by Yusaku Imamura from GAP, who has developed a friendship with Yutaka Sone since he was a student, and also by a prominent independent curator Arata Hasegawa who is undertaking some projects with Yutaka Sone.

The talk will be open for public, and everyone is welcome to attend!
It will coincide with the 68th Graduation Exhibition, so please enjoy the exhibition as well.




Guest Speakers:Kodai Nakahara (Artist), Yutaka Sone (Artist), Arata Hasegawa (Independent Curator)
Moderator:Yusaku Imamura (Professor, Global Art Practice)

Special Lecture | Global Art Short Unit Programme 「Applied Art in Global Perspective - 世界的観点から見た応用芸術」

Date:Thursday, 30 January 2020, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (JST)
Venue:Lecture room 1, 1F Chuo-Building, Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus 12-8, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
会場:東京藝術大学上野校地中央棟1F 第1講義室 東京都台東区上野公園12-8

As part of the Global Art Joint Curriculum Short Unit Project organized by the Crafts Department and Global Art Practice (GAP), guest lecturers, Anne Nishimura Morse of Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Rachel Dickson from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, have been invited under the theme of “Applied Art in a Global Perspective.”

These two guest lecturers, hailing from the United States and the United Kingdom, who have been researching art and modern craft will be holding a special lecture discussing the current state of art and crafts in Japan and abroad, and exchanging opinions on differences in the viewpoints and values of expression in arts and crafts across the globe.

After their talk, they will be reviewing selected pieces from the Completion/Graduation Works. Students will have a chance to inquire and make comments during the Q&A session. All are welcome to attend, so please come and join us!




Craft Department Tokyo University of the Arts
Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

3rd Global Art Practice (GAP) Graduation Works Exhibitions|68th Graduation Works Exhibitions, Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA), Graduate School of Fine Arts Master’s Program | 第68回 東京藝術大学 卒業・修了作品展|第3回 大学院美術研究科グローバルアートプラクティス(GAP)専攻修了作品展

Date:Tuesday 28 January – Sunday 2 February, 2020,
9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ※ Last Admission: 17:00
Last day 9:30 a.m. – 0:30 p.m. ※ Last Admission: 0:00 a.m.

日時:2020年1月28日(火) – 2月2日(日)
9:30 – 17:30 ※入場は 17:00まで
最終日: 9:30 – 12:30 ※入場は12:00まで

Venue:Tokyo University of the Arts (Ueno park 12-8, Taito-Ku, Tokyo)
・Fine Arts campus … The University Art Museum 3F (Gallery 3) / Chuo Building 1F (1F: lecture room 2 / Factory Complex B1F GAP Room/ Learning Commons (inside University Library)
・Music campus … University Hall 2F (Castle Bld. 2F)

・美術学部校舎…大学美術館3F(展示室3)/ 中央棟1F(1F:第2講義室)/ 総合工房棟B1F GAPルーム / ラーニングコモンズ(大学附属図書館内)

第68回 東京藝術大学 卒業 修了作品展 公式 http://diploma-works.geidai.ac.jp
GAP専攻公式 http://gap.geidai.ac.jp/

68th TUA Graduation Works Exhibitions official http://diploma-works.geidai.ac.jp
GAP official http://gap.geidai.ac.jp/

Koshiro Shikine / Nanaka Adachi / Abraham Benjumea Ariza / Kakinda Sixte Paluku / Hikari Katsumata / Cheng Yu / Zhuang Yingqian / Tong Yuen Wai Vanessa / Yapyuco Armaine Toldera / WenQi Feng /

敷根 功士朗 / 冯文琪 / 灰原 千晶 / 安達 七佳 / アブラハム・ベンフメア・アリサ / カキンダ・パルク・シクストゥ / 勝俣 比加里 / セイ・イク / ソウ・エイセン/ トン・エンイ・ヴァネッサ / ヤピュコ・アルメイン・トルデラ

Price:Free (Reservation required)

Special Lecture | ruangrupa Artist Collective : Space as a form and place where we take part in distributing knowledge and experience | 特別公開講義 | ルアンルパ:スペース: 知識と経験を共有することに参加する形と場


“space as a form and place where we take part in distributing knowledge and experience”
A look back on the activities of the artist collective, ruangrupa, in the context of Jakarta over the course of 19 years since its foundation in 2000 to the present. The guest lecturers will be discussing the dynamics of being considered as both an individual artist and as part of a collective. They will discuss how they have managed to create their identity and how they have established and positioned themselves in Indonesian society.

Date:Thursday, 17 October 2019, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (JST)
Venue:Lecture room 3, 2F Chuo-Building, Ueno Campus Tokyo University of the Arts, 12-8, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
会場:東京藝術大学上野校地中央棟2F 第3講義室 東京都台東区上野公園12-8


 今年2月にドクメンタ15(2022)のアーティスティック ディレクターに選出されて、大忙しのルアンルパですが、今回、特別に授業を担当して頂けることになりました。

“ruangrupa Artist Collective Elected as Artistic Director of Documenta 15”

February 22, 2019. In a surprising turn of events, an artist collective was named as Artistic Director – a first in the history of Documenta. Past Documentas were always directed by very influential curators from around the world. These were the individuals who were charged with leading this event that happens only every 5 years. This marks the first time that an artist collective has been charged to curate Documenta, and the very first time that Asian artists have been tapped to take the lead.

In the early 2000s, several Asian alternative movements such as Art Archive and Tokyo Wonder Site began to form. ruangrupa, the art collective established by Jakarta-based artists in the year 2000 is one of them.
Indonesia in the 90s. The Asian Financial Crisis that began in 1997 triggered unemployment and inflation rates to skyrocket. The tragic May 1998 riots resulted in violence and the deaths of many Indonesian citizens. Suharto the Indonesian Military leader and politician who held the office of the president finally resigned after 31 years. The social and economic instability and anti-government demonstrations in the late 90s became the catalyst for the formation of collectives and organizations questioning the existing social system.

As an artist collective, ruangrupa has been taking different roles in a variety of activities. They are artists, curators, editors, educators and activists. Members of the collective are not bound by any specific role thus giving each individual the freedom to participate and lead as they see fit. Their activities range from managing art spaces, exhibitions, workshops and research projects to organizing community radio station, RURU radio. Recently, they have co-initiated GUDSKUL: Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies. This is a public learning space created to practice and expand understanding of collective values such as equality, solidarity, etc.
19 years ago, runagrupa began with just 6 people. Currently, the collective has 30 members.

ruangrupa questions the authoritative and conservative definition of “artist.” As a collective, their activities are flexible and develops organically, unlike the one-off movements created in the 1960s. They are challenging the new collectives to think about how to grow naturally and maintain the ideals of sustainability in both the local and global context. This is not about creating a new elite. This is about creating a space where everyone can come and go as they please. “Ruang” means field and space while “rupa” means form. This collective is trying to form a new space – a platform where artists use their sensitivities to review diverse issues in society, history and politics.

Creating a “smart and tactical strategy.” That is how ruangrupa approaches issues surrounding government policies. Opposing these policies by simply attacking the government is not effective. They believe that creating a way to communicate and negotiate is the key.

They believe that simple thoughts and actions are vital when dealing with the myriad of issues across the globe. It is also more important to embrace friendship rather than make art. Perhaps it is because of this progressive way of thinking that ruangrupa was chosen by the Documenta Selection Committee. The committee must have felt the potential to initiate a positive change for the present and the future of the arts – namely for art to go beyond the small world of art. The collective has begun preparing for Documenta by visiting Kassel over the course of several months. It will be really exciting to see how they will change things for the 2022 Documenta.

Finally, I would just like to quote their answers when asked in an interview about collectivism. It is a rare thing for people to think that the current system is changeable, taking for granted the moments we have that last mere decades. I am thinking especially of the social situation in Japan now, where the status-quo is not questioned. It is hard to find Japanese people really contemplating on what an “original” society should look like or how our social system should evolve in the future. Within the present society where we face many challenges, I think that we can all discover new ideas that can tackle these challenges through the activities of ruangrupa. Their works, events, movements and practices that take into account the relationship of art and society in a broader perspective and their emphasis on making friends rather than enemies will provide great insight for everyone, thus maintaining hope for a more positive future.

“So collectivism is a small-scale way for us to constantly challenge institutions and question how we live together. It is a way of speculating about things. It gives us the luxury to speculate. Not many people in society today have that luxury, because they can’t afford it. There are too many risks. In general, we can’t afford to change how we live. No one wants to speculate about it, because it’s too risky. But through collectivism, we have the luxury of being able to think that way.”(interview by ART-iT)

Yusaku Imamura, Professor

Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts

Tokyo University of the Arts



ruangrupa – always written using lowercase letters and without spaces – is a contemporary art organization and artist collective founded in 2000 by a group of artists based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This collective started as a contemporary art ecosystem that was developed from a nonprofit work model. As an NPO lead and founded by creatives, ruangrupa is involved in wide-ranging initiatives including operating the art space that they use as their headquarters, holding exhibitions and workshops, conducting research as well as directing international exhibitions.

In 2019, ruangrupa worked together with 2 artist collectives: Serrum and Huru Hara to initiate Gudskul: Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies. This is an educational platform aimed at maximizing learning opportunities surrounding the arts in the forms of collaboration and sharing.

Another facet of their art ecosystem is the ArtLab which is a program that examines art projects and perform creative collaborations. These usually deal with urban issues and the media. ArtLab aims to be a space for individual artists or interdisciplinary groups from within and outside Indonesia to interact and work together.


Iswanto Hartono & Reza Afisina

Jakarta-based artists part of the ruangrupa artist collective. Together, they established a conceptual duo: RAIH.

Iswanto Hartono is an Indonesian artist with a background in architecture. Since the late 90s, he has been showing works with strong social and political content. His interests lie in history/memory, globalization, geopolitical powers, post-colonialism and race/identity. However, he is particularly interested in a country’s history that have been consciously forgotten. He currently lives and works in Jakarta, as an artist, architect, curator and writer.

Reza Afisina is a new media artist utilizing performance art in his practice. He co-curated TRANSaction: Sonsbeek 2016 held in Arnhem, Netherlands. In 2018, he served as an interlocutor for the Asia Pacific Triennial. He has been the director of ArtLab since 2008.




彼らの活動は、アーティスト、キュレーター、エディター、教育者、アクティビストと幾つもの側面を持つ。メンバーの誰もが領域に区切りも持たずに活動し、アートスペースの運営、展覧会やワークショップ、リサーチプロジェクトから、Ok video festivalなどの国際展の企画運営に加え、アートショップやコミュニティラジオ局RURUradioなども展開するなど、その活動は多岐にわたる。近年、本格的な学校づくりに取り組みGUDSKULを開設している。設立当初は6人から始まったが、他のコレクティブとの共同も始まり、19年を経た現在では30名もの活動に広がっている。

ルアンルパは、これまでに作り上げられたアーティストという権威的な一つの定型を疑う。活動はフレキシブルで有機的で、60年代のような一度きりのムーブメントではなく、新しい有機的な動きがいかに持続可能でローカルでかつグローバルなものであり得るかという新しいコレクティビティを問うている。しかもそれは新たなエリートを生むのではなく、誰もが出入り自由な場を作り上げようとしている。 「ルアン」が場と空間を意味し、「ルパ」が形作ることを意味するように、ルアンルパは新たな場の形成を試みているのである。そのプラットフォームは歴史や政治や多様な社会の問題をアーティストのセンシティビティによって見直すものだ。



 “So collectivism is a small-scale way for us to constantly challenge institutions and question how we live together. It is a way of speculating about things. It gives us the luxury to speculate. Not many people in society today have that luxury, because they can’t afford it. There are too many risks. In general, we can’t afford to change how we live. No one wants to speculate about it, because it’s too risky. But through collectivism, we have the luxury of being able to think that way.” (interview by ART-iT)



「ルアンルパ:インドネシアにおける現代の都市問題に批評的観察眼を持って対峙し、社会学、政治、テクノロジー、メディアなどあらゆる分野の思考や実践を横断しながらアートの創造性を駆使して、都市やその文化的課題に応答する活動を展開している。拠点となるアートスペースを運営し、展覧会やワークショップ、リサーチ業務から、Ok video festivalなどの国際展の企画運営やアートラボ、各種リサーチプロジェクトの実践に加え、アートショップやコミュニティラジオ局RURUradioなども展開するなど、その活動は多岐にわたる。また、書籍やアートマガジン、DVDやウェブマガジンの発行など、情報発信とアーカイブ活動にも従事している。第31回サンパウロ・ビエンナーレ(2014)では会期中都市を巻き込むかたちでアートスペースを展開し注目を集めた。」(あいちトリエンナーレ2016での紹介)

 私がトーキョーワンダーサイトの館長時代には、アジアのオルタナティブスペースの集まりや、世界各地での会議で一緒になり、幾度も意見交換を行なってきた。今回招聘する講師の一人である、イスワント・ハルトノは2008年にトーキョーワンダーサイトのアーティスト・イン・レジデンスに滞在。「アートの課題」という多文化社会とアートセンターの役割を問うプロジェクト(共催:ドイツ文化センター他)の第1回「What geme shall we play today?」に参加して制作、討議を行っている。

Iswanto Hartono & Reza Afisina(ruangrupa)
社会実践論1 担当:今村有策(GAP専攻・教授)
※日英逐次通訳あり  通訳 水田拓郎 / dj sniff

GAP Paris Unit Final Presentation “ART AS EXPERIMENT: Body and Sound” | パリユニット最終発表会「アートは実験であるー身体とサウンドからの考察ー」

Date:Thursday, 10 October 2020, 7:00 (Paris UTC)
Venue:Palais des Beaux-Arts, 13 Quai Malaquais 75006 Paris
*Performance will begin from Palais des Beaux-Arts and continue within the campus
会場:パリ国立高等美術学校 パレ・デ・ボザール (13 Quai Malaquais 75006 Paris)

Through our Global Art Joint Project-Unit Program- GAP collaborates with the world’s leading art schools. This year, the Paris Unit, a collaboration with Beaux-Arts de Paris (BAP), has been working with the theme of “ART AS EXPERIMENT: Body and Sound”.

Students met at the Tokyo University of the Arts this summer, and from September 20th, the program has moved to BAP campus, where we continue our explorations on body and sound. On October 10th, the students will present a final piece within BAP campus.

Please look forward to their performance developed during the 2 months collaboration and exchanges in Japan and France.




◆ Paris unit official Instagram account (updating our daily activities)

◆ Project faculty members
Emmanuelle Huynh (dancer, choreographer, professor at Beaux-Arts de Paris)
Pierre Alferi (poet, novelist, essayist, professor at Beaux-Arts de Paris)
Natsumi Araki (curator, associate professor at Global Art Practice MFA course, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Yuko Mohri (artist, lecturer at Global Art Practice MFA course, Tokyo University of the Arts)

◆ Guest lecturers (in alphabetical order)
David Horvitz (artist)
Valérie Joly (mezzo-soprano, composer)
Akira Kasai (butoh dancer, choreographer)
Didier Semin (art historian)
Rully Shabara (member of Senyawa, musician)
DJ Sniff (turntable musician, DJ, curator)

◆ Artists (in alphabetical order)

Beaux-Arts de Paris
Carmen Alves
Béryl Coulombié
Yannik Denizart
Nicolas Keroulas
Cham Lavant
Eun Sol Lee
Sacha Rey
Kobas Verschuren

Tokyo University of the Arts
Na Ying Ching
Sepideh Hashemi
Tomohiro Ishii
Mika Jang
Motoyo Kawamura
Clementine Nuttall
Sofía Mirai Totoki
Ryo Yamaguchi
Masaki Yoshida

Press Release (EN)

◆ パリユニット 公式インスタグラム(日々の活動をご覧いただけます)
◆ 担当教員
エマニュエル・ユイン(ダンサー、振付家、パリ国立高等美術学校 教授)
ピエール・アルフェリ(詩人、小説家、エッセイスト、パリ国立高等美術学校 教授)
荒木夏実(キュレーター、東京藝術大学 大学院美術研究科 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 准教授)
毛利悠子(アーティスト、東京藝術大学 大学院美術研究科 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 講師)

◆ ゲスト講師(アルファベット順、敬称略)
ルリー・シャバラ (スニャワ メンバー、ミュージシャン)
DJ スニフ(ターンテーブル奏者、DJ、キュレーター)

◆ アーティスト(アルファベット順)

クレメンタイン・ ナット