Performance x Installation ”Returning to Soil” |パフォーマンス x インスタレーション『Returning to Soil! | 土にかえる!』

Directors: JuJu Kusanagi/Kika Suzuki
Members: Clinton Pang/Jini/Miran Hashiba/Yoshiya Yoshimitsu
Sound: Ran Bagno
Advisor: Naoto John Tanaka

ディレクター: 草薙樹樹/鈴木希果
メンバー: クリントン・パン/珍熙/橋場みらん/好光義也
サウンド: ラン・バグノ
アドバイザー: 田中ジョン直人

Date: May 6th(Fri)~ May 8th(Sun)
May 13th(Fri)~ May 15th(Sun)
Fridays 17:00~19:00~
Saturdays•Sundays 14:00~17:00~19:00~
   金 17:00-/19:00- 、土・日 4:00-/17:00-/19:00-

Venue:soco1010 22-48, Senjuhashido-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
会場:soco1010 〒120-0038, 東京都足立区千住橋戸町22-4

3 minutes walk from Senjyu Ohashi Station / 京成線千住大橋駅より徒歩3分
20 minutes walk from Kitasenjyu Station / 北千住駅より徒歩20分

Returning to Soil!” I 「土にかえる!」

 By the flow of the River Tone, students at the Toride campus of Geidai so proclaimed.
 Eating, living, breathing… it doesn’t take long to realize: “soil” is the literal foundation. Yet in our daily lives, we find ourselves separated from its energy.
 Soil… we touch it, feel it in ourselves, and connect each other with it, so that our bodies may be one with it again.
 This is an exhibit and performance, or perhaps a much more primitive experiment.