The Aquarium / 水槽

Koki Fujinaka (GAP M2 student) will be performing a theatrical piece at the Bigakko graduation presentation.


“I like the atmosphere where the air stagnates, with high humidity. It feels soft, warm, blissful, and almost like dying. The pleasant smell of a futon. When thinking about delicate human relationships, I am always afraid of the way theater imposes various constraints on the audience and actors. Ordering to sit quietly in a chair, cutting off communication with the outside world. I used to think that was violent and feared it, but it seems that confronting each other face-to-face is not always the only correct way. We will perform a human relationship of tranquility and tension, bound in a closed space, based on the relationship between actors and the audience.”
Koki Fujinaka



『The Aquarium / 水槽』

Written and Directed by Yasuteru Fujinaka
Starring: Mitsuhiko Ito, Hikaru Hara

21st April(Fri.)18:30
22nd April(Sat.)11:30 / 20:15
23rd April(Sun.)11:30 / 20:15

Bigakko studio (Jinbocho) /美学校スタジオ(神保町)


*Limited to 6 people per show, reservation required *Please check the reservation and details on the following website: