In the realm beyond spectrum / スペクトルの彼方で

Sareena Sattapon ( PhD)

Human, space, and time are essential components in performative art pieces, intricately interconnecting with each other. Traditionally, in the process of creating performances, the artist retains control over all these elements. However, what would happen if the “”Human”” component were not performers but spectators? If “”observing”” equates to “”creating””, How can we control the uncontrolled? “”In the realm beyond spectrum”” is an attempt to connect the audience with artwork by creating a performative space comprising six channels of video mockumentary, a white cube room, and glass wall. The video draws inspiration from the life story of Sareena’s aunt, who resides in Thailand but is depicted within Japan’s context. Viewers can observe and listen from both “”inside”” and “”outside””, and as they become part of the artwork, their role transforms from observers to contributors. The seemingly endless relationships between individuals and spaces may help spectators to revisit the connections they possess.

Sareena sattapon

本展「In the realm beyond spectrum」は、ホワイトキューブとガラスの壁、6チャンネルのモキュメンタリ―映像で構成されたパフォーマンス空間を立ち上げ、観客と作品を接続する試みを行います。映像は、タイに住むサッタポンの叔母の人生譚から着想を得ており、それを日本の文脈に置き換えて描かれています。鑑賞者は作品の「内」と「外」の双方から作品を見聞きし、作品の一部となることで、その立場は鑑賞者から作品の構成者へと変化します。個々人と空間の、一見すると終わりのない関係性は、鑑賞者自らが持つ繋がりを再訪する手がかりとなります。

Period /会期:23 March – 25 May 2024 *Closed on Sun-Wed and holidays
Venue/ 会場:Piramide Bldg., 4F 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
現代芸術振興財団(東京都港区六本木6-6-9 ピラミデビル4階)
Open hours:Thursday・Friday・Saturday 12:00〜19:00
Opening reception:23rd March (Sat) 17:00〜19:00
Organizer:公益財団法人 現代芸術振興財団