“The Eyes of a Goat” Find the “Seeds of Art.”|ヤギの目はアートの素をひねり出す

Date:Saturday, 19 September 2021 – Tuesday, 5 October 2021,
Venue: Taiken Bijutsuba VIVA | Atre Toride 4F, 2-5 Chuo-cho, Toride City, Ibaraki 302-0014, Japan
Admission: Free

会場:たいけん美じゅつ場 VIVA | 〒302-0014 茨城県取手市中央町 2-5 アトレ取手 4階 

Why did artists start raising two goats, along with various people from different backgrounds? The first art exhibition will show “seeds of art (something before becoming an artwork)” by the diverse people inspired by the goats grazing on the university land, and the artworks that have begun to sprout from such inspiration.

“The eyes of a goat” project began on December 6, 2020, when two goats, Mugi and Ehime, arrived at the Toride Campus of Tokyo University of the Arts. The goal: create a “transparent arts center” where various people and generations gather, diverse cultures and genres interact. This “transparent arts center,” with no roof or walls, will change its shape according to what the people make of it. Living with the goats, artists are discovering new forms of expression and continuously attempting to create a sustainable place for research, creation, and expression even under the COVID-19 situation. It has also become a place to consider the next form of communities with goats as partners.
The spread of the COVID-19 has revealed the reality of the social situation that humans are currently facing. “The eyes of a goat” believes that by incorporating a perspective of non-human “others,” a new way of living may be discovered in today’s society, which can be a series of disasters rather than a post-disaster one, as well as new artistic expression unique to this age.

Participating artists from GAP : Momoko Sato, Nagisa Mizuno

なぜ芸術家が、立場の違う様々な人と一緒にヤギを育てはじめたのか。 ヤギからインスピレーションを得て多様な人々が見つける「アートの素」と、そこから生まれはじめた 芸術作品を公開する初の作品展覧会(@たいけん美じゅつ場・茨城県取手市)を行います。

2020年12月6日、2頭のヤギ、ムギとエヒメが東京藝術大学取手キャンパスにやってきたことをきっかけにはじまった 「ヤギの目」。様々なヒトや世代が集まり、多様な文化と分野の交わる場となる「透明なアーツセンター」をつくること を目指しています。
この屋根も壁もない「透明なアーツセンター」は、関わる人々の活動が重ねられることで形を変えていきます。芸術家た ちは、ヤギとの暮らしを通して定まらない表現を発掘し、コロナ禍でも持続可能な研究・創作・表現活動の場をつくり続 けることを試みています。そしてヤギをパートナーとして、次世代のコミュニティのあり方をも考察していく場にもなっ ています。
新型コロナウイルスの蔓延は、現在ヒトが直面している状況を露わにしました。 もしかしたら、人間ではない「他者」の視点を取り入れることで、災害後ではなく災間の連続ともいえる現在の社会を生 きる方法、そしてこの時代にこそ生まれる芸術表現が可能なのではないか、とヤギの目は考えています。

出展作家:佐藤桃子, 水野渚



Between the Dynamics and the Stillness. A reflection on Living in Present.|動 。静 の 間. 今を生きることを再考する

Date:Wednesday, 1 September 2021 – Sunday, 12 September 2021,
10:00a.m. – 8:00p.m., ** In 1st of September, opening hour will be 3pm
Venue: BUoY Arts Center Tokyo, 49-11, Senju-Nakacho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Admission: Free

10:00-20:00 ** 9月1日は午後3時から
会場:小北千住BUoY | 〒120-0036 東京都足立区千住仲町49-11

This exhibition is a group composed of 5 artists who study at the Master of Global Art Practice at Tokyo University of the Arts.
In this particular project, the meaning of “MA” (間) will be given as “The Experience of the Dynamics and the Stillness” that happens in the present. Within their own specific field, each artist reflects on their surroundings by comprehending the dynamics and stillness in their daily life. From their interpretations, it is clear to see how artists use their artistic approaches and practices to confront the tide and pent-up problems in their surroundings. They started their projects with the hope of bringing new perspectives to the audience by showcasing their result of reflection.

Participating artists : Sayo Ota, Momoko Sato, Kika Suzuki, Chen Irui, Clinton Pang

本展覧は東京藝術大学美術研究科グローバルアートプラクティス専攻の5名のアーティストで構成されています。 本企画では、「間」の意味合いを、今まさに起こっている「動と静の経験」として表現しています。 テーマである「動と静」や、日常における自身と周囲との関係について、アーティストそれぞれの文脈や多様な仕方で制作を行っています。世界での様々な潮流や鬱積する問題に対し、芸術実践の観点から向き合い、アプローチしくことが役割であると考えます。本展での作品がご覧いただくみなさまに、新しい視点をもたらすきっかけとなることを願います。

出展作家:太田紗世, 佐藤桃子,鈴木希果, 陳一銳, 彭慆


kopitoto| こぴとと

Date:Friday, 3 September – Friday, 24 September, 2021, 12:00-19:00, Closed Monday
Venue : Courtyard HIROO 3F Art Gallery: 4-21-2 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 JAPAN
Admission : Free and open to public

時間: 12:00-19:00
会場:コートヤードHIROO 3F ガロウ: 〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布4-21-2

A-TOM ART AWARD 2021 Finalists’ group show
Participating artists : JuJu Kusanagi

参加アーティスト:草薙 樹樹、菅野歩美、冨井弥樹、福田周平、角谷紀章

Connection between kinaesthetic empathy and material quality |素材と身体感覚の共感の関係性

Date:Date:Wednesday, 1 September – Tuesday, 30 November, 2021
Venue: GLOBAL RING THEATRE, Brillia HALL etc. and Online streaming

会場:東京芸術劇場、GLOBAL RING THEATRE(池袋西口公園野外劇場)、あうるすぽっと(豊島区立舞台芸術交流センター) 、東京建物 Brillia HALL(豊島区立芸術文化劇場)ほか東京・池袋エリア *研究発表は世界同時オンライン配信

Tokyo Festival Farm is a new framework that brings together all development initiatives within Tokyo Festival, a festival for performing arts. There will be the Midterm Presentation on September 29, 2021 and Final Presentation October 26-31, 2021. *Online streaming
Participating artists : JuJu Kusanagi
English Page:https://tokyo-festival.jp/2021/en/tf_program/

東京芸術祭2021で実施される人材育成事業「東京芸術祭ファーム」にて、国際的なフィールドで研究開発を行うLabプログラムの【Asian Performing Arts Camp】に参加します。
参加アーティスト:草薙 樹樹


Fresh group show

Date: Thursday, 1 July 2021 – Sunday, 31 July 2021,
Venue: Padre Gallery (60 E 80th Street New York, NY 10075)

Participating artists: Tvorogov brothers, Grip Face, Sun-Kyo Park, Ken Nwadiogbu, Ayanfe Olarinde, Chen Wei Ting, LY, Willem Hoeffnagel, David Williams and Jeff McCreight akaRu8icon.

Between July 1st and July 31st, Padre Gallery in New York is proud to present a group exhibition FRESH, featuring works by Tvorogov brothers, Grip Face, Sun-Kyo Park, Ken Nwadiogbu, Ayanfe Olarinde, Chen Wei Ting, LY, Willem Hoeffnagel, David Williams and Jeff McCreight akaRu8icon.

When high temperatures hit and everyone wants to leave the hot asphalt and surround themselves with sand and the sea, Pablo Villazán curated “FRESH”, a group exhibition of 10 international artists from different artistic backgrounds and age groups. All of them have different techniques. Their work will undoubtedly refresh our senses and make us enjoy the hot summer in the big apple as if it were an oasis in the middle of the desert.

The name “Fresh” is inspired by the bright colors used in Grip Face’s artistic expression, the uncontrolled strokes of Chen Wei Ting, the youthful games of the eternal Bear by Tvorogov brothers or the camping scenes, which act as an escape valve for Willem Hoeffnagel. In addition the sensuality created on Ru8icon’s imaginary beach, the intimacy of Ken Nwadiogbu and the impudence of Ayanfe Olarinde’s work. It never leaves us indifferent which contrasts with the serenity of Sun-Kyo Park’s portraits and the beautiful simplicity of LY’s figures.


第二回小原流会館SHIZENNECTION 「創造の場」

Date:Date:Friday, 3 September 2021 – Saturday, 4 September 2021,
Friday 10:00a.m. – 8:00p.m., Saturday 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Venue: 5-7-17, Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo
Admission: Free

会場:小原流会館 | 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山5丁目7-17

出展作家:曾 斯琴、方 笑晗、儲 靚雯、周 澤航、曹 暁泰
Participating artists : Zeng Siqin, Fang Xiaohan, Chu Liangwen, Zhou Zehang, Cao Xiaotai

アーティスト代表:曾 斯琴

自然・コネクト・アクション “あるがままの自然”を感じる心、”自然と共生していく”という思考を大切にすることで受け継がれてきた日本の文化。『 SHIZENNECTION 』は、日本文化を次世代に繋いでいく文化プロジェクトです。

アーティストトーク 09.04 (土) 13:00-14:30

Cloud funding URL:

NOT FOR SALE|ノット・フォー・セール

Date: Friday, 23 July 2021 – Monday, 16th August 2021,
Weekday 10:00a.m.-9:00p.m. Weekend & Holidays 10:00a.m.-8:00p.m.
Opening hours are based on the business hours of Atre Toride.
Venue:VIVA, Atre Toride 4th Floor, 2-5, Chuocho, Toride-shi, Ibaraki

平日 10:00-21:00 土日祝 10:00-20:00 開場時間はアトレ取手の営業時間に準じます。
会場:〒302-0014 茨城県取手市中央町2−5 Atre取手4F たいけん美じゅつ場

Plan: NULLNULL STUDIO (Sayoko Suwabe, Hideki Kimishima) Guest artist: Mizuho Seko

Commerce and art have always maintained an exquisite relationship. For us artists, “putting a price on our works” is a very delicate issue. Nowadays, with the development of social networking services and NFT, we have many opportunities to know the prices of other people’s works. However, in reality, the prices of art works are very ambiguous. In fact, Sayoko Suwabe, a fine artist, started this project from a somewhat skeptical attitude in regards to putting a price on her own work.

Kimishima, who is also an artist, holds workshops called “Bento Workshop” at local elementary schools and asks the children to put a price on the inedible “Bento (lunch box)” works they make. The sensibility of the children, including the way they decide the prices, is completely different from our own, and the place is always filled with creative energy. Now, what is art and what is its value?

In order to fully discuss these questions, NULLNULL STUDIO has been in residence at Toride VIVA in the Atre commercial facility since May, engaging in dialogue with all kinds of visitors. We held a screening, showed visitors our works, and sometimes even had the opportunity to interview shop staff and local students.

This exhibition at Toride VIVA presents the actual works along with the process. It is highly significant to hold these projects at the commercial facility, Atre. This is because it is the front line of the economy that has supported people’s lives, and it is a place that has always been confronted with value and price. In this context, Toride VIVA has become a place of well-being and multi-generational exchange in this age of nuclear families.

This exhibition creates a space for communication that transcends the functions of gallery and shopping center through dialogues among two artists who make their living in fine art, the shopping center visitors, as well as a guest artist.

*Atre=the shopping mall of the station building

Taiken Bijutsuba VIVA (Learning Art Center), directly connected to Toride Station, is a new cultural exchange platform with Open Archive of Collections of Tokyo University of the Arts, galleries, workshop, park, library and project room, which opened in December 2019. NULLNULL STUDIO won the VIVA AWARD, which was newly established in 2021.

企画 NULLNULL STUDIO 諏訪部佐代子 君島英樹 ゲストアーティスト 瀬古瑞歩


SNS やNFTが発達した今、他者の作品の値段を知る機会は多いですが、実際、美術作品の価格とは曖昧なものです。同じくアーティストの君島は「お弁当ワークショップ」というワークショップを小学校を中心に行なっていますが、その 子どもたちが作った食べられない「お弁当作品」に毎回値段をつけてもらいます。価格のつけ方も含め子どもたちの感性は私たちの感性とは全く異なり、その場は常に創作のエネルギーで満ち溢れています。さて、美術とその価値とは何でしょうか?

これらの議論をNULLNULL STUDIOはたいけんびじゅつ場で5月より滞在制作をしてあらゆる訪問者の方と対話をしてきました。映像を見たり作品を見せあったり、ときにはインタビューの機会を設けたり…。そしてこの展示ではそのプロセスとともに実作を展示します。このプロジェクトを商業施設であるアトレで行う意義は非常に高いと言えます。なぜなら、人々の生活を支えてきた経済の第一線であり、常に価値、価格と向き合ってきた場所であるためです。中でもアトレ取手にあるVIVA は駅ビルの中にある文化交流拠点として、核家族化の進む現代において、井戸端的な、多世代交流の場となっています。


取手駅直結のたいけん美じゅつ場VIVAは、2019年12月にオープンした東京藝大のオープンアーカイブ、ギャラリーや工作室、広場やライブラリーを設けた新たな文化交流拠点です。2021年に新設された公募企画VIVA AWARDをNULLNULL STUDIOが受賞しました。


NULLNULL STUDIO 諏訪部佐代子《かつてこの星を毛のない猿が支配していたらしい》2020年
NULLNULL STUDIO 君島英樹《光る人》2020年
ゲストアーティスト 瀬古瑞歩《monologues》2019年

5 Exhibition|5展

Date:Tuesday, 6 July 2021 – Sunday, 18 July 2021,
11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., Opening all the time
Venue: Sansakizaka Cafe, Tanaka 5-4-14, Taitong Ku, Tokyo

会場:〒110-0001 東京都台東区谷中5丁目4−14さんさき坂カフェ

Participating artists: Naeun, 4c, Jeunne Lee, Xiaotai Cao, Matsuoka Yuka

mymizu X PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary X Zero Waste Japan

Date: Thursday, 1st July 2021, 08:00p.m. – 9:30p.m. (JST)
Venue:Zoom and Facebook Live
開催方法:Zoom と Facebook Live
Language: Japanese & English (Zoom interpretation available)

Signup: Via Google Form https://forms.gle/fi3Kg7nDpQW5gGSc6
登録方法: https://forms.gle/fi3Kg7nDpQW5gGSc6

Unwrap Japan’s plastic crisis with key figures from the sustainability movement and the filmmakers of PLASTIC LOVE!

PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary Film Crowdfunding Campaign Launch!

An opportunity to get together and talk about ways we can step out of the plastic crisis. What are the individual, community, business and systemic actions taking place? What changes can we make today?

Hosts: Mariko McTier, co-founder of mymizu & representative director of Social Innovation Japan Sybilla Patrizia, director of PLASTIC LOVE! Documentary film Akira Sakano, president of Zero Waste Japan

Special Guests: Sadao Harada, Project Hozugawa Eric Kawabata General Manager, Asia Pacific Region, TerraCycle (Loop)

SDGs活動家とドキュメンタリー『PLASTIC LOVE』の制作者が、日本のプラスチック危機を解き明かします。

PLASTIC LOVE!クラウドファンディング・キャンペーン開始!



ホスト: mymizu共同創設者・Social Innovation Japan代表理事 マクティア マリコ PLASTIC LOVE! 監督 シビラ・パトリチア ゼロ・ウェイスト・ジャパン 代表理事 坂野 晶

Special Guests: プロジェクト保津川代表理事 原田 禎夫 Loop Japan エリック・カワバタ 

The Guidance for Prospective Students, GAP for International Students for 2022 Academic Year|2022年度 グローバルアートプラクティス専攻 外国人留学生入試学生募集要項掲載

We have released the English version of “The Guidance for Prospective Students, Global Art Practice for International Students (2022 Academic Year)”.

Tokyo University of the Arts Admissions > FINE ARTS (Private students) > Graduate Students (Master/Doctor)

The Guidance for Prospective Students, Global Art Practice Entrance Examinations for International Students (PDF) 


東京藝術大学入試情報サイト > 大学院入試 > 美術研究科 > 募集要項

2022年度 東京藝術大学大学院 美術研究科(修士課程) 学生募集要項(PDF)