happening. |東京プロジェクトスタディ1「わたしの、あなたの、関わりをほぐす」展覧会

Date:Friday, February 11 – Sunday, February 13, 11am-7pm
Venue:BaBaBa, 2-5-15-1F Shimo-ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo 161-0033
Admissions : Free(Reservation required)

Exhibition Detail(Japanese only) : https://tarl.jp/news/2021-tps1-happening/
Exclusive website(Japanese only): https://www.happen-ing.com/
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日時:2022年2月11日(金) – 2月13日(日)11:00-19:00
会場:BaBaBa 〒161-0033 東京都新宿区下落合2-5-15-1F
入場料:無料 (要事前予約)

展覧会詳細: https://tarl.jp/news/2021-tps1-happening/
特設サイト: https://www.happen-ing.com/

We are holding an exhibition exploring the process of Tokyo Project Study 1 (*), “Unraveling My, Your, and Our Relationships: Opening Up New Bodies and Ways of Thinking through Coexistence and Co-Creation”.

In Study 1, navigators and ten members of the group gathered through an open call for proposals to reconsider the idea of coexisting and co-creating communication with others who have different cognitive worlds from our own.

Through discussions on language and the senses, we will unwind our bodies and memories with guests from different sensory worlds – the unconscious and the physical, the translation of visually-dominant love, the communication of the sense of touch, and so on.

Through discussions about language and the senses, we will open up the process of experimentation and practice of ten people who have worked on inventing new media and methods to facilitate and extend communication with others who have different senses.

What is the new way of “communication” that emerges between us, between you and me, that began to sprout in Study 1? Please come and experience it.

(*) What is the Tokyo Project Study?
The Tokyo Project Study is an attempt to create the core of a new project through research and experimentation by a team of “navigators” and “members” who gather through an open call, based on the question “what would you do if you were to create something in Tokyo?”

Participating artist: Nagisa Mizuno