2023 Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition Results 令和5年度奏楽堂日本歌曲コンクール本選結果

Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition is a Japanese song competition organized by Art & Culture Foundation of Taito. Two divisions, vocal and composition, are held once a year. Takumi Uchida (GAP M1 student) participated in the final selection and was awarded Third Prize.


Final Competition コンクール本選

Date: 5/28(Sun)

Venue: Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School 8-43,Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo (台東区立旧東京音楽学校奏楽堂台東区上野公園8-43)

Finalists:斉芸琨、伊藤元太、内田拓海 Takumi Uchida、中野宏紀、越智田真弓、平木悟