GAP Student, Akari Fujise, Clinton Pang(Alumni), Hsinwei Chen, Hyajung Jo and Situi Wu (in alphabetical order) will hold an exhibition and workshop event in Taiwan.


Period: 2023.05.26- 2023.05.28

Venue: Room 919 & 920 in 台北喜來登大飯店(Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel)

Exhibition Concept

Globalization has not only shortened the distance between countries, but also let us slightly ease the tension between anchors and moorings through technology, culture, and environment. Dots are connected into lines, stretched, shrunk, twisted, and entangled, as we wander from anchor points to mooring points, leaving evidence of living. The action of traveling can be one of the best proofs of that. 

Cross-country, or long-distance movement, makes the concept of home even more complex. What is home? Is it a family? Is it a house? Or is it the bed that you have been lying in since you were a child? Home is a very old concept. Not only is it a place to settle, but it is also a relationship that gives people a sense of belonging. People can live in a place without a place to belong. This sense of belonging, like an anchor point, can hardly be affected when anchored. In this exhibition, five artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds share their thoughts on “anchor points and mooring points”. From different perspectives, they experimented with their own sub-topics and tried to elaborate on their experiences in made-on-site artworks during their residency in Taiwan.

Workshop Event

For many people, the word a Drawing Workshop probably represents a preparatory drawing for a painting. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the richness of the concept of “drawing” in contemporary art, and to give students the opportunity to experience drawing in a different way than ordinary sketching.

Date: 2023.05.30

Venue: Taiwan Taichung Feng Yuan Senior High School