My spirit will follow you

This is a new event information about GAP PhD student, Sareena Sattapon.

Collaboration by Sareena Sattapon and Dan Isomura: “My spirit will follow you” How to rephrase “孤独” (loneliness)? This exhibition showcases the process of transforming it into various forms such as poetry and cuisine between the two artists, delving into the multi-layered traces of anonymous living through a performance piece.

サリーナー・サッタポンと磯村暖によるコラボレーション「My spirit will follow you」 「孤独」を如何に言い換えていくか? 二人の間で詩や料理など様々な形に変換していくプロセス、 匿名的な生活の痕跡を多層的に展開していくパフォーマンス作品を展示。

2023/09/29 – 2023/10/22 12:00-19:00
Closed on Monday/月曜休廊


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