Special Guest Lecture from Kunstakademie Münster / ミュンスター美術アカデミー招聘教授特別講演

We will have Special Guest Lecture by Prof.Suchan Kinoshita and Prof. Julia Schmidt from Kunstakademie Münster, which is a part of collaboration Project with the Sculpture Department, Oil Painting Department, and GAP. They will talk about recent developments at the university and share insights into their own creative work.

彫刻科・油画科・GAPと共同プロジェクトを行なっている、ミュンスター美術アカデミーのSuchan Kinoshita 教授とJulia Schmidt 教授を迎え、最近の大学の様子やお二人の制作などについて語っていただきます。

Date/日時:12th Oct (Thu),2023 18:00-19:30

Venue/会場:Lecture room 1, Central building in Ueno campus/美術学部中央棟1F 第1講義室

Organizer/主催:Sculpture department, Oil Painting department and GAP /彫刻科、油画科、GAP

Contact / 問い合わせ : 美術学部国際連携係<intlaffairs_art@ml.geidai.ac.jp >