Forage the Poetry/道草を喰う-詩の奏作ワークショップ

[Off campus Workshop/学外ワークショップ]

Why not join us in a playful dialogue with wild plants around us and see what words bloom from our connection with the land? Wild plants roam freely, crossing invisible borders like national and prefectural lines. Sometimes they’re shunned by humans, sometimes they heal us, but they always share a deep bond with us, transcending time and place. In this workshop, we’ll forage for wild plants, savour their aromas and flavours, and let them inspire us to craft the poetry that bridge the gap between us and the land.

We’ll kick off with Nagisa Mizuno, who will share her reflections on the boundary between her body and the land. Drawing from her year-long adventure gathering wild plants in Finland in 2023, she’ll tell the story of ‘Momo-iro no Tea (Peach-Coloured Tea),’ a short tale inspired by her experiences. Then, we’ll take a stroll through the neighborhood to gather intriguing wild plants. Back at our gathering spot, we’ll brew wild plant tea, watch its colour change, inhale its scent, and put our feelings into words. The words we create from these wildflowers will blossom into poems full of unique emotions and perspectives.

Sharing and connecting with each other is a key part of the fun. Let’s enjoy this journey of tasting wild plants and playing with words together!

身近な野草との対話を通じて、自分と土地との関係性から生まれる言葉を奏作(創作)してみませんか?野草は、国境や県境などの見えない境界線を超えて自由に旅しています。時には人間から忌み嫌われたり、逆に癒しをもたらしたり、時代や場所を超えてわたしたちと深い関係を持っています。このワークショップでは、野草のフォレッジ(forage: 採取する)からその香りや味わいを楽しむ時間までをご一緒し、野草を通して、わたしと土地のあいだに見つけた詩(ことば)を拾い上げ、奏でていけたらと思います。



Date/日付: 6 June 2024 14:00-16:00

Venue/会場: Comoris Yoyogi Uehara, 8-2 Yoyogimachi, Shibuya, Tokyo/東京都渋谷区元代々木町8-2 Comoris(コモリス)代々木上原

Present: 水野渚 Nagisa MIZUNO

Admission fee/料金: Free/無料