The branching room | 枝分かれの部屋

日時 : 2024年 2月23日(金)祝日 夜6時 -11時
場所 :   デカメロン 〒160-0021 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1丁目12−4
入場料 :  2000円+1drink order
企画・制作・協力:Performance Art Platform ハムたまごサンドイッチ / デカメロン

At any time during the event at least one of the artists will be performing, so please feel free to drop by when convenient. The venue is a two-story building, with the drinking bar on the first floor and the performance space / gallery on the second floor. The performances that will take place during the event on the second floor are often interactive, so rather than sitting quietly and watching, we recommend that you join in if you feel comfortable. You can also of course spend time going back and forth to the bar on the first floor.
You are free to exit and re-enter the venue during the event.

The branching room

Our choices cause the future to branch out. A person’s presence branches and multiplies through shadows, reflections, photographs and digital means. Memory is another kind of branching, allowing for the superposition of different times and events. The method of branching, then, transforms the original in various ways, creating the basis for new interpretations, relationships, and opportunities.
 Most of the ‘choices’ in our lives might be made unconsciously. Imagine a dog who suddenly appears, snags a piece of bread from your hand, and walks away while you are debating whether to choose ham or egg as an ingredient for your sandwich. We are surprisingly blind to what is around us, just as we are oblivious to the gaze of a hungry dog. In the Branching Room, we will attempt to once more meet the gaze of the dog and once more be deprived of bread.
 Nameless relationships are of greater interest than named ones. How are relationships between people built, changed, broken, and rebuilt again in the course of everyday life? In the Branching Room, performers and audience will interact with elements of sound, light, photography, and games to explore the consequences of choices and the simultaneity of past, present, and future.
 Artist and performance art platform Ham Tamago Sandwich member Stephan E. Perez, is about to leave Japan, where he has spent the last 8 years. In preparation for his departure, he brings together people involved in his early and recent performance work at the Kabukicho art space “Decameron”. They will be joined by the audience, including you, for reflection and discussion.


Dates:December 16, 2023 15:00-18:00
日時:2023年12月16日 15:00-18:00
Venue:NTU Music Centre, Dance Studio, Nottingham, UK

In the workshop, we will practice symbiosis among our beings through touch and vocalizations. We will treat space and time as non-linear, registering and relating with (other) bodies, and work to find our unique language. The workshop involves contact/touch and vocalization.


artist: JuJu Kusanagi
参加アーティスト:草薙 樹樹

Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023/東京藝大アートフェス2023

6 students from GAP participated to the online art festival, Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023.

Online viewing period of Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023 is from around November 2023 to May 2024. Please watch them out!

Hikari Asano (2022 Alumni)

Johanna Riedl (M2 student)

Mesbahi Ines Jasmine (M2 student)

Natalie TSYU (M2 student)

Sattapon Sareena (PhD student)

Takumi Uchida (M1 student)

awarded works from GAP : 東京藝術大学長賞 / Tokyo University of the Arts President’s Award(Takumi Uchida), 優秀賞 / Excellence Award(Sattapon Sareena), 佳作 / Honorable Mention Award(Hikari Asano, Natalie TSYU).

Takumi Uchida’s Solo Composition Concert – Poetry and Song


Takumi Uchida’s Solo Composition Concert. This concert explores the expression of music and words, using two forms of artistic expression: poetry recitation and song. The program commences with ‘Prayer for Piano,’ a composition also featured on the album ‘Prayer.’ It encompasses a repertoire of instrumental compositions and vocal pieces, including both reprisals and the premiere of new compositions created specifically for this concert.

内田拓海初の作曲個展。詩の朗読、そして歌という二つの表現方法を用いて、音楽と言葉の関係を探るコンサートです。 プログラムはアルバム「Prayer」にも収録し、ハンナ作曲賞の入賞作でもある「Prayer for Piano」からはじまり、今年の奏楽堂日本歌曲コンクールで第三位となった「竹内浩三の詩による歌曲集『うたうたいが……』」など、これまでに作曲してきた器楽作品、歌曲の再演、そして、今回のために作曲した新作の初演を行います。

December 2 (Sat) Doors open at 6:00 p.m., Concert begins at 6:30 p.m. 11:00 – 21:00 18:00開場 18:30開演

Kameido Cultural Center, Camellia Hall

2-19-1 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071
〒136-0071 東京都江東区亀戸2-19-1

Tickets: 3,000 Yen Student Ticket: 2,000 yen




This is a new event information of GAP PhD student, Sareena Sattapon.

The 4th edition of the art and culture event, “P.O.N.D.” Under the banner of Parco, which continues to support new talents, artists have been pursuing their unique expressions and continuously sharing them through various art forms such as art, music, games, fashion, and film, capturing the present moment. Taking place at the heart of Shibuya, Shibuya PARCO, the event “PARCO Opens New Dimension” carries the hope of constantly forging new dimensions, and this year, we will once again hold the event.

第4回目となる、アート&カルチャーイベント〈P.O.N.D.〉。 新しい才能を応援し続けるパルコのもと、アーティストが独自の表現を追求し、アート、音楽、ゲーム、ファッション、映画など、さまざまなアートフォームを通して今を捉えるべく発信を続けてきました。 渋谷の中心にある渋谷PARCOを舞台に、「PARCO Opens New Dimension」、常に新しい次元を切り開いていきたいという希望を込め、今年もイベントを開催いたします。

13 October (Mon) – 23 October (Thu) 2023 11:00 – 21:00
10.13 fri OPEN/START 18:00〜


Address/住所 :


My spirit will follow you

This is a new event information about GAP PhD student, Sareena Sattapon.

Collaboration by Sareena Sattapon and Dan Isomura: “My spirit will follow you” How to rephrase “孤独” (loneliness)? This exhibition showcases the process of transforming it into various forms such as poetry and cuisine between the two artists, delving into the multi-layered traces of anonymous living through a performance piece.

サリーナー・サッタポンと磯村暖によるコラボレーション「My spirit will follow you」 「孤独」を如何に言い換えていくか? 二人の間で詩や料理など様々な形に変換していくプロセス、 匿名的な生活の痕跡を多層的に展開していくパフォーマンス作品を展示。

2023/09/29 – 2023/10/22 12:00-19:00
Closed on Monday/月曜休廊


Address/住所 :

今を生きる作曲家の群像 Vol.2 邦人作曲家編

This is a concert organized by International Choral Organization of Tokyo. It will feature compositions by Japanese composers published by Edition ICOT.

一般社団法人東京国際合唱機構の主催する演奏会です。Edition ICOTから出版されている日本人の作曲家の作品を集めたコンサートになります。

Date: 10/5(Thu) Open 18:30, Start 19:00


Venue:Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakura Hall 〒150-0031 23-21 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

会場:渋谷区文化総合センター大和田さくらホール 〒150-0031 東京都渋谷区桜丘町23-21

Admission fee: Tickets: 2,000 yen University Students and Below: 1,500 yen Same-day Tickets: 2,500 yen




Commemorative Concert for the Winners of 2023 Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition | 令和5年度奏楽堂日本歌曲コンクール入賞記念コンサート

Commemorative Concert for the Winners of 2023 Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition will be held to commemorate the winners of the competition. The winning works of the Composition Division will be performed again, and the winners of the Vocal Division will perform again.


Date: 7/15(Sat) Doors open at 2:00 p.m., Concert begins at 3:00 p.m.


Venue:Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School 8-43,Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo


Admission fee: 3000 yen


平木悟、内田拓海、斉芸琨、伊藤元太、高橋希実、上村誠一、松岡多恵、田中雅史斉芸琨、伊藤元太、内田拓海 Takumi Uchida、中野宏紀、越智田真弓、平木悟

MUNI Film Festival | MUNI映画祭

This is a new event information about GAP student, JuJu Kusanagi / 草薙 樹樹 .

The Kusanagi Sisters is presenting second round of MUNI Film Festival. As usual, MUNI Film Festival showcases stories from all over the world including North America, Palestine, Iran, Israel, France, United Kingdom to celebrate meaningful, unique, and creative works.

2022年に続き、第2回目の国際短編映画祭『MUNI映画祭』を開催します!! アメリカ、パレスチナ、イラン、イスラエル、フランス、イギリスからのドキュメンタリー、アート映像、アニメーション、実験的作品の数々を上映します。大胆で創造性があふれる映像と一緒に、世界を旅しませんか。

July 28th (Friday) at 18:30 screening
July 29th (Saturday) at 14:00 (followed by artist talk) / 18:30 screening

Advance reservation (General): 1,100 yen (On-the-day ticket: 1,200 yen)
Advance reservation (Student): 600 yen
Children: 100 yen
Dress code discount: If you come wearing blue to the film festival, you will receive an additional 100 yen discount at the on-site reception.
*The deadline for advance ticket reservations is July 28th (Friday) at 17:00.

J. F. Oberlin University’s College of Performing and Visual Arts Tokyo Hinatayama Campus
2600-4 Honmachida, Machida, Tokyo, 194-0032 Japan

7月28日(金) 18:30上映
7月29日(土) 14:00 (上映後アーティスト・トーク) / 18:30 上映

事前予約券(一般):1,100円(当日券 1,200円) 
事前予約券(学生): 600円  
こども:100 円 

〒194-0032 東京都町田市本町田2600-4
JR・小田急線「町田駅」隣接の町田バスセンター4番・5番乗り場より 「山崎団地行」等で約20分

2023 Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition Results 令和5年度奏楽堂日本歌曲コンクール本選結果

Sogakudo Nihon Kakyoku Competition is a Japanese song competition organized by Art & Culture Foundation of Taito. Two divisions, vocal and composition, are held once a year. Takumi Uchida (GAP M1 student) participated in the final selection and was awarded Third Prize.


Final Competition コンクール本選

Date: 5/28(Sun)

Venue: Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School 8-43,Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo (台東区立旧東京音楽学校奏楽堂台東区上野公園8-43)

Finalists:斉芸琨、伊藤元太、内田拓海 Takumi Uchida、中野宏紀、越智田真弓、平木悟